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Frequently Used Sires Requirements

The Board of Directors redefined The American Kennel Club’s leadership role in the world of purebred dogs by being the first all breed registry to require DNA profiles for stud dogs routinely siring litters. Effective for litters whelped on or after July 1, 2000, every sire producing seven or more litters in a lifetime or producing more than three litters in a calendar year must be ‘AKC DNA Profiled.’ These DNA profiles will be used for genetic identity and for parentage verification, and, thus, will be used to advance issues relating to the integrity of the registry.

Dogs with DNA profiles from the voluntary DNA Profile Program or from the Parent Breed Club DNA Program have already met this requirement. Dogs sampled during kennel inspections for the Compliance Audit Program are not DNA Profiled — DNA Profiles are not issued, and DNA Profile Numbers are not added to the registration record. Therefore, the dogs do not meet the requirement for Frequently Used Sires until a DNA sample is submitted via the DNA Profile Program.

What breeders/owners need to do if they own a sire that is subject to the requirement

Breeders/owners fulfill the requirement when the DNA test kit arrives at DNA Operations in Raleigh and is logged into the Database, even though an additional six to eight weeks are required to obtain the actual DNA profile. The parentage verification policies of all current DNA programs will be applied to the Frequently Used Sires Program, as will the discipline policies of the Compliance Audit Program.

  • Obtain a DNA test kit.
  • Send the DNA cheek swab sample, the required paperwork, and the payment of the $50 fee (if you are not using a prepaid DNA kit) to the AKC in the envelope provided in the DNA test kit. To eliminate delays in processing litter applications, the completed test kits should be submitted in advance of the litter application.