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AKC DNA Resource Center

Customer-Driven DNA Complaint Policy

Effective July 1, 2002

Any AKC customer who questions the recorded parentage of a dog or litter may submit a complaint in writing to the AKC requesting DNA testing. The complaint must be accompanied by a deposit of $500.00. If the allegation is sustained the deposit is returned. If the allegation is not sustained, the deposit is forfeited and becomes the property of The American Kennel Club.

In cases where parentage is shown to be incorrect, AKC will work with customers to correct the registrations of dogs and litters when possible. The responsible parties will be billed for the DNA processing costs and registration correction fees. Registration services will be placed on hold until payment is made. When corrections cannot be made, the necessary registrations may be converted to Conditional Registration. The AKC disciplinary procedures will apply to exclusions discovered as a result of this policy.