Virginia Update: Session Ends with Dog Related Bills Left in Committee
The 2023 Session of the Virginia General Assembly officially ended on Saturday, February 25th, with several dog related bills left in the House Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources (ACNR) Committee. The following bills were left in Committee after the House ACNR Agriculture Subcommittee failed to action on them: House Bill 1984 – This bill sought […] | February 27, 2023
Oklahoma Update: Bill to Reduce Breeder Reporting Burden Approved by Senate
Yesterday, the Oklahoma Senate voted 45-2 to approve Senate Bill 349, which makes positive changes to breeder reporting requirements. The bill repeals a section of the Commercial Pet Breeder’s and Animal Shelter Licensing Act that requires commercial breeders to file a yearly report with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) that specifies […] | February 24, 2023
CT Alert: Oppose Lawyers for Animals and Request Fix on Ban of Reproduction Methods
On Wednesday, March 1, the Connecticut Joint Judiciary Committee’s public hearing agenda includes two bills that could negatively impacting dog breeders and owners. The American Kennel Club (AKC) encourages all responsible dog owners and breeders in Connecticut to contact the Joint Judiciary Committee and express your concerns with SB 1060 and HB 6714. Scroll down […] | February 24, 2023
Montana Update on Bills Impacting Dog Owners
Bills in Montana state Legislature: Senate Bill 280- Revise bird dog training laws. Status: Hearing was held on February 14 in Fish and Game Committee; awaiting further action. Summary: Montana Senate Bill 280 would expand the types of bird training available to game birds not raised in captivity through a low-cost licensing system. A Class […] | February 22, 2023
South Carolina: Animal Forfeiture Bill In Hearing Tomorrow, Feb. 23: Take Action Now!
Tomorrow, Thursday, February 23, 2023, the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee’s Criminal Laws Subcommittee is scheduled to consider a troubling bill that would trample the due process rights of animal owners. House Bill 3682, the companion bill to Senate Bill 456, addresses disposition of animals seized due to alleged cruelty or neglect. As the bill […] | February 22, 2023
CT Alert: Hearing Monday – Oppose Changes to Kennels and Domestic Animal Laws
The Connecticut Joint Environment Committee’s public hearing agenda for Monday, February 27, 2023, includes SB 1069.  In addition to a handful of provisions under the oversight of the Department of Agriculture, the bill includes significant changes to current kennel license rules.  Proposed changes in SB 1069 to the current law that are of serious concern […] | February 22, 2023
NH Update: Committee Rejects Changing Legal Status of Animals via Appointment of Guardians
In January, the American Kennel Club (AKC) issued an action alert noting the New Hampshire Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee was accepting public testimony on SB 164, relative to biodiverse environments and land-use requirements.  Section 11 of the bill would have changed the legal status of animals by formalizing the creation of private contracts […] | February 21, 2023
Washington State Update on Bills Impacting Dog Owners
AKC continues to monitor several bills impacting dog owners in Washington state. Below are the latest updates, along with contact information if you wish to comment on any of these measures. AKC GR will continue to provide individual updates and alerts when necessary. Bills in Washington State Legislature: House Bill 1012 – Addressing the response […] | February 21, 2023
Utah Update: House Passes Breeder Bill With AKC Amendments
The Utah House of Representatives recently passed a bill regulating certain breeders in the state.  The current version contains many amendments requested by the AKC. We encourage Utah clubs and hobbyists to contact the sponsor and thank him for listening to concerns and amending the bill: Rep. Norman Thurston Phone: 801-477-5348 Email: AKC thanks […] | February 21, 2023
URGENT! South Carolina Bill S 456 Would Require Innocent Owners to Pay or Forfeit Their Animals
On Wednesday, February 22, 2022, the South Carolina Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee is scheduled to take action on a very problematic bill that would trample the due process rights of animal owners. Senate Bill 456 addresses disposition of animals seized due to alleged cruelty or neglect. As the bill is currently constructed, a […] | February 17, 2023

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