New Jersey: SB 63 Now SB 3041, Scheduled for Hearing on Monday, March 6
This week, New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak introduced Senate Bill 3041, a cleaned-up but substantively similar version of Senate Bill 63. | March 3, 2017
Arkansas Hearing Tomorrow (3/3) on Bill to Regulate Dog Sales
A bill was just scheduled for a hearing tomorrow (Friday, March 3) in Arkansas that would require registration of anyone who sells or offers a dog for sale in the state and advertises through 'public media' (any way that does not involve in-person or direct contact with a customer). This includes periodicals, professional directories, and […] | March 2, 2017
Illinois Bill Creating Animal Legal Advocates Harms Dogs, Responsible Owners
An Illinois House committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Tuesday, March 7, that would allow the court to appoint a 'special advocate' to represent the interests of animals during cases that involve the animal's health, safety, or an injury. | March 1, 2017

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