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Whittier, California Declared AKC Dog Friendly City


The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to announce that Whittier, California has been awarded the AKC’s Dog Friendly City Award in recognition of their support of responsible dog owners and breeders in the city. The California Federation of Dog Clubs was able to formally present this award to Mayor Vinatieri as well as Councilmembers Fernando Dutra and Josue Alvarado at the city’s new dog park.

The Whittier City Council worked closely with the American Kennel Club’s federation, the California Federation of Dog Clubs (CFoDC), in 2015 to approve an ordinance which protects responsible dog owners.

“We were very impressed by the information compiled and presented [by the California Federation of Dog Clubs]. They truly did their homework and were polite and respectful in their presentation to the council. They took the time to educate us and to involve local Whittier residents which really meant a lot to us,” said Mayor Joe Vinatieri.

The CFoDC members were impressed with the council’s attention to detail and their quest to educate themselves about an issue that affects the quality of life of many Whittier residents. The city had originally considered adopting the same mandatory spay/neuter ordinance as Los Angeles County but when presented with information about the negative health effects of early spay/neuter, the corresponding decrease in licensing compliance and the way in which these policies disproportionately impact low-income pet owners, the city reversed course on that portion of the proposal.

“CFODC lent critical support to local dog fanciers with our extensive knowledge base, our organizing experience, and our ‘boots on the ground.’  We were pleased that Mayor Viniatieri and Council Member Dutra reiterated their gratitude to our team for giving them the tools with which to make an informed decision to benefit their city. Having the Whittier community come together – the council members and the dog-owning citizens – was truly gratifying.  I can’t think of a better way of celebrating this win-win for Whittier than presenting this award at the city’s new dog park,” said CFODC President Chuck Bridges.

Whittier is only the second city to receive this prestigious honor. The recent opening of the Whittier Dog Park further exemplifies the city’s commitment to providing recreation and socialization opportunities for the canine members of the community and their owners.

In recognition of their dedication to making Whittier a wonderful community for dogs and their owners, the American Kennel Club is pleased to present the city with the AKC Dog Friendly City Award.