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Movie Review: The Dog Lover

Dog Lover movie

At long last, a compelling and dramatic new dog movie is coming out.   The Dog Lover opens in select theatres nationwide and on Video on Demand from Sony Home Entertainment on July 8.

If you love dogs you need to see this film.

Based on a true story, The Dog Lover tells the story of a young woman who goes undercover for an animal advocacy group to collect evidence against a breeder (played James Remar) the group believes is neglecting his dogs.

But when Sara (Allison Paige) begins work as an assistant at Daniel Holloway’s breeding kennel, she discovers there’s more to the operation than she bargained for.  As she gains the family’s trust, she unwittingly unleashes a series of events that will forever change her life and those around her.

The film also stars Lea Thompson, whose performance as Holloway’s wife ties the story together and brings a sympathetic face to the family’s plight.

The Dog Lover takes a hard, inside look at the agenda of animal rights groups and will leave you questioning the tactics used to achieve their goals.

Enormous credit should be given to producers Forrest Lucas and Ali Afshar for taking on the darker side of animal advocacy — and for showing the good, the bad and the biases that pervade how Americans think about dog breeding and ownership.

Watch the trailer below.

For more information or to find out where the movie is playing near you, visit  Want to own a copy of the film? The Dog Lover will be released July 12 on DVD. Pre-orders are available through Wal-Mart.

Sheila Goffe, V.P., Government Relations