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NY Passes Law to Protect Domestic Violence Victims and Pets

New York City skyline

A new law was signed this week in New York that allows domestic violence victims to bring their service or therapy dogs with them to an emergency shelter. 

The AKC was proud to support this important legislation. Victims of domestic violence are in a vulnerable and frightening situation, and the practical assistance and comfort that a service/therapy animal provides can be essential.

Also, sociological and psychological studies show that a significant percentage of domestic violence cases also involve threats and/or actual harm against pets. For this reason, many victims of domestic abuse are reluctant to leave a dangerous situation in order to protect their animals.

The AKC continues to be a leader on this important issue.  In the past five years, the AKC Humane Fund has provided more than 80 grants to shelters, women’s organizations, and other related groups to assist with arrangements for caring for the pets of domestic violence victims. 

Full text of letter to Governor Cuomo here.