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AKC Introduces New Online Legislative Action Center

AKC is pleased to announce the launch of a new online legislative action center. The microsite, designed by the AKC Government Relations Team and hosted by CQ Roll Call Inc., is designed to make it easier for dog lovers to learn more about and advocate on key issues that impact dogs and dog ownership.  The site is accessible from our homepage and from AKC’s GR webpage.

New features, including some popular requests, include tabs for the Government Relations blogs, educational and advocacy resources organized by issue, a listing of legislative alerts, a tool to identify who your representatives are, the AKC GR twitter feed, and a tab for supporting the efforts of the Canine Legislative Support Fund or AKC PAC.

Alerts posted on the AKC Legislative Action Center homepage provide a tool to allow constituents to contact their representative directly, using their choice of AKC GR talking points, and without having to leave the site. In the coming months, this feature will be made available through a mobile app.

The microsite is also integrated with the AKC GR on to provide easy access to the familiar resources such as the AKC GR toolbox, tools for monitoring the state and federal bills AKC is tracking, newsletters, economic impact information, educational presentations and videos, position statements and information about AKC Government Relations

We urge you to view a video introduction to the new AKC Legislative Action Center.  Have any questions fpr us? We love hearing from you so follow us on Twitter or phone us on 919-816-3720.