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Lawmakers Celebrate Dogs, Responsible Dog Ownership at Meet the Breeds in NYC

NY Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara presents a proclamation to AKC Chief Executive Officer Dennis Sprung and AKC Board Member Pat Cruz

In New York City on Saturday, dozens of legislators and legislative staff had the opportunity to meet with thousands of dog breeders, owners, and dog lovers at the annual AKC Meet the Breeds event held in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club.

This event, attended by tens of thousands from the general public, allows the opportunity to interact with over 150 dog breeds and talk with dog breeders and exhibitors who are experts in their breed to help them determine the right dog for their family.

Over 90 tri-state lawmakers signed on as Honorary Chairs for this event, and many came with staff and their families to meet the dogs, interact with constituents, and publicly sign the AKC Pet Promise to declare their public support for responsible pet ownership.

Many legislators and staff make this an annual event, and some visited for the first time.  New York Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara attended the event for the first time and presented a proclamation to the American Kennel Club in recognition of the event and the AKC’s commitment to responsible pet ownership.

AKC was also visited by Connecticut Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom, who along with the Head of Education at Connecticut’s Old State House, came to tour the event and share their experiences on social media.  In her role as Kid Governor, she will take what she learned back to her state to share with other kids about responsible dog ownership and the good things AKC and breeders do on behalf of dogs and the community.

Legislators also received information about responsible canine legislation, AKC dog shows and dog breeders, and the contributions that AKC kennel clubs and dog enthusiasts bring to their communities. Federation leaders from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) were also on hand to discuss specific legislative issues in their states.

The lawmakers and staff enjoyed the opportunity interact directly with dog breeders and owners in a fun, family-friendly environment, and the enormous crowds of dog lovers attending the event demonstrated to them that there is high interest in purebred dogs and AKC activities.

Check out the full list of Honorary Chairs here. If any of your legislators served as an Honorary Chair, please take a moment to thank them for their involvement in the event and let them know that you also support responsible pet ownership in your community.

Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning and her family sign the AKC Pet Promise

Connecticut’s Kid Governor Jessica Broksom with AKC Mascot Bailey