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2015 Legislative Successes for Dog Owners and Breeders

There is no doubt that this country loves dogs.  This is particularly evident as we see an increasing number of proposals every year that address cruelty, breeding, breed-specific regulations, treatment of service dogs, and a myriad of other canine issues.

In 2015, AKC Government Relations tracked more than 1,700 proposals across the United States that would have impacted dogs, dog owners, and breeders.  Some of these proposals improved the lives of dogs and dog owners.  Others, though seemingly well-intentioned, would actually have had the opposite effect.  Problematic measures included bills that would establish/reinstate breed-specific laws, impose mandatory or juvenile spay/neuter laws, and create confusing and unnecessary breeder regulations that could harm dogs, be impossible to follow, and virtually impossible to enforce.

The AKC Government Relations Department was pleased to partner with AKC federations, clubs, breeders and dog owners across the country who are as passionate about dogs as we are.  As a result, we saw numerous victories around the country that made a positive impact on dogs.

AKC thanks all those who took the time to contact their legislators on behalf of their dogs this year.  We are already seeing bills pre-filed for 2016 and are ready to continue the important fight.  Visit AKC’s Legislative Action Center to view our resources designed to help you join us in advocating for dogs in your state and community!