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AKC Trick Dog

AKC Trick Dog 2022 Competition Winners and Outstanding Performances


Muriel McMullen & Maddie (Australian Terrier)

Dogwarts School of Witchcraft


Christina Jones & Chloe (All American)

Back to School


Tamara Shaffer & Olivia Nicole (Biewer Terrier)
Rescuing the Mermaid Princess




Deana Allen & Dervish (Portuguese Water Dog)

Insomnia Strikes!


Deana Allen & Shimmie (Portuguese Water Dog)

Deep Sea Adventure!

Elizabeth Berthold & Cricket (Russell Terrier)

The Very Hungry Cricket-Pillar

(note the song was written and sung by Elizabeth)


Elizabeth Berthold & Rugby (Russell Terrier)

A Diamond in the Ruff: An Aladdin Story


Beth Bilson & Truman (Bassett Hound)

Truman’s Day at the Carnival


Jo Ann Borchard & Rigby (Shetland Sheepdog)

Rigby and the Search for the Lost Pumpkins


Ann Gallus & Geordie (Border Terrier)

Twas the Night Before Christmas


Michaela Gardner & Merlin (Australian Shepherd)

A Day Aboard the Bark Pearl


Patricia Goshorn & Bekka (Australian Terrier)

Bekka Goes to the Olympics


Ann Hill & Trae (Shetland Sheepdog)

The Prince and the Sheltie

Eileen Holland & Smudge (All American)

Doctor Dog


Karen Sheahan & Jeep (Keeshond)

Fetch This: Pizza on a Stick


Tracey Lewis & Tilby (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Adventures in Candyland with Willy Pawka and Tilby the Oompa Loompa


Lou Ann O’Malley & Tully (Beagle)

Tully’s Big Day: Getting Ready for a Big Movie Audition


Jen Klang & Bam (Miniature American Shepherd)

Getting Pulled into the Mario Brothers Video Game


Katie Sharp & Louie (Cocker Spaniel)

My Heart Dog: I’ve Got Him and He’s Got Me


Debbi Snyder & Amos (Border Collie)

Hairy Pawter


Diana Squicciarini & Glinda (Papillon)

A Chorus Line: Glinda on Broadway


Wendolyn Tetlow & Lutz (Dachshund)

Lutz Learns to See Without His Eyes


Kelli Whitfield & Griffin (Glen of Imaal Terrier)

The STAR Student! Griffin Goes to School