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2021 AKC Trick Dog National Competition Results

2021 AKC Trick Dog National Competition Results


Leslie Gelesh & Eli (Miniature Poodle)
Batman FURever


Muriel McMullen & Maddie (Australian Terrier)
The Grrrinch

Faye Roche & Brio (Miniature Poodle)
My Olympic Gold Medal Star: Brio

Outstanding Performances from the 2021 AKC Trick Dog National Competition

In addition to the competition winners listed above, here are some outstanding performances from 2021 (in random order). Many of the performances included great tricks and skilled handling. There were dramatic props and sets as well as homemade props that added to the performance and showed fabulous creativity.

Kaitlyn Berry & Athena (Rough Collie)
Robbery of the Gold Museum

Christina Jones & Chloe (Mixed Breed)
The Life of a Military Pet

Christine Crocker & Jane (Miniature American Shepherd)
Paw Wars

Deana Allen & Dervish (Portuguese Water Dog)
Celebrating the Wine Harvest with Song & Dance

Mechelle Kwader & Cayenne (Smooth Fox Terrier)
Army Boot Camp

Mechelle Kwader & Zara (Smooth Fox Terrier)
Meet Zara: U.S. Olympian

Laura Hirth & Ryder (Australian Shepherd)
A Day in the Life of a Farm Dog

Pamela Cannon & Jack (Miniature Poodle)
Jack the Firefighter

Elizabeth Berthold & Cricket (Russell Terrier)
A Very Cricket Christmas

Elizabeth Berthold & Rugby (Russell Terrier)
Paw-rites of the Caribbean

Diana Squicciarini & Glinda (Papillon)
Glinda Visits Oz 

Beth Widdows & Emily Anne (West Highland White Terrier)
Explorer Emily Anne on the Planet Meanatol

Eileen Holland & Guppy (Airedale Terrier)
Spy School

Sasha Feiler & Shark (Entlebucher Mountain Dog)
How Shark Changed His Career

Dalana Bewley & Loveta (American Staffordshire Terrier)
A Christmas Wake-Up Call

Carol Madeheim & Machito (Chihuahua)
Machito’s Hiking Adventure

Elisha Edge & Aimee (American Staffordshire Terrier)
A Year at Home with Aimee

Lou Ann O’Malley & Tully (Beagle)
Tully and the Case of the Stolen Stone

Lisa Pellum & Teddy (Border Collie)
Allstar Teddy: The Big Break

Debbi Snyder & Amos (Border Collie)
Mighty Mutt


Juniors – Age Group Winners

The listed age is the age group of the handler.


Lakyn Hoover & Duke (Labrador Retriever) Age 9 and under

Naveen Mehrota & Biscuit (Golden Retriever) Age 10 to 13 

Victoria Headley & Jasper (Border Collie) Age 14 to 17


Vivi Cava & Charlie (Golden Retriever) Age 10 to 13

Kaylee Tavares & Oakley (Portuguese Water Dog) Age 14 to 17


Leah Flores & Scout (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) Age 9 and under

Lauren Ecker & Scout (Mixed Breed) Age 10 to 13


Clara Lovell & Roger (Beagle) Age 9 and under

Kara Crotts & Sugar Bear (Chinese Crested) Age 10 to 13

William McGovern-Fagg & Miri (Miniature Schnauzer) Age 14 to 17

Elite Performer

Sela Cooper & Jersey (Vizsla) Age 14 to 17

Sophie Penson & Ducky (mixed breed)