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2020 AKC Trick Dog National Competition Results

2020 AKC Trick Dog National Competition Results


Debbi Snyder & Amos
Hairy Pawter


Tracy Dulock & Gryffindor
Indian Bones

Sandi Taylor & Evie
Evie’s Magical Dream 

Outstanding Performances from the 2020 AKC Trick Dog National Competition

In addition to the competition winners listed above, here are some outstanding performances from 2020 (in random order). The performances ranged from a pre-COVID performance in an auditorium to creative performances that were done in small apartments or living rooms as dogs and their owners sheltered in place during COVID-19. Many of the performances included great tricks, and some showed great handling. There were dramatic props and sets as well as homemade props that were clever and showed extraordinary creativity.

“Skye” (Australian Shepherd) & Maggie Weston
Fun Dancing

“Jade” (Border Collie) & Trevor Smith
The Dog 

“Rusty” (Australian Terrier) & Patricia Goshorn
Rusty Goes to School 

“Cricket” (Russell Terrier) & Elizabeth Berthold
Russells of the Lost Bark 

“Clementine” (Cairn Terrier) & Angel Andrews
Clementine’s Day of Fun

“Louie” (Cocker Spaniel) & Katie Sharp
Louie Helps Teach a Fitness Routine

“Una” (Miniature American Shepherd) & Clay Kohut
Barking the Town Red 

“Mae” (Danish-Swedish Farmdog) & Monica Turner
First Rodeo (a pre-COVID routine) 

“Winston” (Glen of Imaal Terrier) & Kelli Whitfield
A Pirates Life for Me

“Josie Jet” (AKC Canine Partner – McNab Shepherd) & Amy Heffner
Let’s Rodeo

“Bug” (AKC Canine Partner – McNab Shepherd) & Amy Heffner
The Kingdom of Good Dogs

“Eli” (Miniature Poodle) & Leslie Gelesh
Pink Panther

Gritz” (AKC Canine Partner) & Ellen Powers
Gritz in the Circus

“Dash” (Papillon) & Sharon Page
Dash Gets a Library Card

“Copper” (Parson Russell Terrier) & Sharon Page
Copper’s Library Caper

SilverPaw” (Miniature Schnauzer) & Trisha Flanigan
Indiana SilverPaw: Raiders of the Lost Ark

“Cider” (Whippet) & Karen Hutchinson
An American Whippet in Paris

“Rush” (American Staffordshire Terrier) & Kelly Thorburn
Introduction to the American Staffordshire Terrier

“Chica” (Belgian Malinois) & Gina Bujalski
9 to 5

“Teddy” (Border Collie) & Lisa Pellum
The Story of How Teddy Became a Magician

“Aldo” (Cardigan Welsh Corgi) & Kristine Hayes
A Corgi’s Purpose

“Martini” (Chihuahua) & Kelsey Martin
Martini’s Magical Moment