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2019 AKC Trick Dog National Competition Results

2019 AKC Trick Dog National Competition Results


Tracy Dulock & Gryff


Laura Morefield & Carly

Sharon Page & Dash

Outstanding Performances from the 2019 AKC Trick Dog National Competition

In addition to the competition winners listed above, here are 20 other submissions (in random order). Each of these has something special about the performance. Some of the performances included fabulous tricks. Others showed great handling, some had wonderful props and sets, and some of the routines came with entertaining, unique themes to the story.

“Teuila” (Dalmatian) & Nicole Wright
Teuila and the Dog Catcher

“Kelly” (Miniature Schnauzer) & Jan Bajovich
Kelly’s Busy Day

“ Talley” (Greyhound) & Patti & Karl Hayes
A Greyhound Went to a Funeral

“Lizzy” (Rat Terrier) & Janee Nekuda
Lizzy Joins the Circus

“Arden” (Papillon) & Bobbie Kurivial
Arden the Artist

“Hannah” (Australian Shepherd) & Kelly Corl
Hannah Banana’s Circus

“Meeka” (Australian Shepherd) & Jamie Heberlein
A Day in the Life of Meeka

“Cricket” (Russell Terrier) & Elizabeth Berthold
Jurassic Park
Star Wars

“Sophie” (Australian Shepherd) & Lynda Hardison
Getting a New Puppy

“Gritz” (Mixed Breed) & Ellen Powers
Indiana Gritz and the Jeweled Rings

“Winston” (Glen of Imaal Terrier) & Kelli Whitfield
History of the Glen of Imaal Terrier

“Cooper” (Russell Terrier) & Kelli Whitfield
A Day in the Life of Cooper

“Swag” (Papillon) & Mary Hostetter
Swag’s Olympic Dream

“Skye” (Australian Shepherd) & Maggie Weston
Skye Goes on Vacation, First Rescues Cat From Tree

“Amos” (Border Collie) & Debbi Snyder
Amos Has a Christmas Party

“Maddie” (Australian Terrier) & Muriel McMullen
Cat in the Hat

“Tyler” (Toy Fox Terrier) & Christine Bowker
Tyler Joins the Circus

“Xena” (Basset) & Cheryl Cieslinski
Day in the Life of a Super Hero

“Sliver” (Golden Retriever) & Dee Dee Anderson
A Day in the Life of Sliver

“McCoy” (Flat-coated Retriever) & Brenda Griffin
McCoy’s Carnival of Fun and Games