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Elite Performer Videos

Elite Performer Videos

We are pleased to provide you with some examples of outstanding Elite Performer Trick Dogs as they perform for audiences.

Sharon Page and “Dash” <Click for Video

Sharon Page was the AKC Trick Dog’s judge at the first trick dog event at the 2018 AKC National Championship in Orlando. Here is a link to Sharon’s Papillon, Dash, performing his award winning routine for a large audience in 2017.

Tracy Dulock and “Gryffindor”

Tracy’s routine was at the AKC National Championship in Orlando in December 2018. This entertaining Harry Potter act was longer than the standard Elite Performer routine which is 10 minutes including the set up and take down of props. Notice how Tracy can work at a distance from her dog and how Gryff can do advanced versions of common tricks. For example, on the cavaletti (ladder), Gryff does the trick sideways. Gryff and Tracy are currently developing new routines and performing at schools and libraries.


Linda Unger and “Sailor”

Linda and her Shetland Sheepdog, Sailor, did a great Elite Performer routine at the AKC National Championship in 2018. If you are currently working towards the Elite Performer title, notice how Linda can control Sailor at a distance. When she says, “back” he can do the trick on his own without his handler walking forward to move him.


Ellen Powers and “Gritz”

“Gritz” performed his “Indiana Gritz” routine at the AKC National Championship in December 2018. While dogs are not permitted to wear costumes in AKC Trick Dog testing, Ellen’s costume set the tone for Gritz’s performance.  Gritz showed how trick training can result in a dog that is eager to work.