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Trick Dog: News and Updates

Trick Dog: News and Updates

The AKC Trick Dog department is pleased to announce the newest, most advanced level of Trick Dog, the Elite Performer.

In Performer, handlers were given the option of doing a routine that had a story or doing 10 unrelated tricks. In Elite Performer, a story/script is required. This routine may be used to entertain and bring joy to others in therapy settings and at community events or dog shows.

AKC will begin processing applications on June 1, 2018.

There are several updates to AKC Trick Dog. Basically, there are:

  • No changes to the NOVICE level.
  • No changes to the INTERMEDIATE level.
  • ADVANCED – as of June 1, 2018, must do 10 tricks instead of 5.
    – Story is still an option.
    – Tricks must come from Intermediate, Advanced, or Performer.
    – At least 3 tricks must be from Performer.
    – Props must be used for at least 3 of the tricks.
    – Agility and Obedience equipment can no longer be used at Performer (or Elite Performer levels).
    – MUST have a story/script.
    – 10 tricks from Advanced or Performer.
    – At least 5 tricks must be from Performer.
    – At least 5 tricks must use props.
    – VIDEO LINK SENT TO AKC for judging/approval.

See the chart below that outlines the changes.

AKC Trick Dog Updates (changes as of June 1, 2018)

We hope that you and your dog will join the distinguished ranks of AKC Trick Dog Elite Performers!


Any inquiries can be sent to: or you may call 919-816-3819