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Teachers and parents of exceptional learners are always looking for new activities for their students. One of the best way to engage any learner is by pairing learning with something the student finds interesting. What do kids love more than dogs?

AKC Public Education offers many lessons and activities that are ideal for exceptional learners.


Suggestions for Modifying Lessons for Exceptional Learners

AKC Kids’ News-Exceptional Learners Version

Article of the Week

AKC Breed of the Week for Kids-Exceptional Learners Version

AKC Virtual Patch Program-Exceptional Learners Version

AKC Canine Clubs-Community Dogs

Lesson Plans

Kindergarten-Fifth Grade Lessons for Exceptional Learners

Language Arts

Word Syllables with Dog Breeds

Good Dog, Carl

Writing Catchy Introductions

Learning about Character Traits


Short or Tall?

Learning Subtraction with Hardworking Puppies

Symmetrical or Not?

Shopping for Puppy: Decimal Addition


Plant vs. Animal Needs

Animal Life Cycles

Social Studies

Needs vs Wants

Dogs Around the World

Middle School Lessons for Exceptional Learners

Language Arts

Buck’s Business Cards

Dogs in Poetry


Best in Show Probability

Geometric Lines and Shapes


Sensory Challenge: Human vs Canine

Scientific Method with Scent Work

Social Studies

Hero Dogs: 9/11

Famous Dog Breeds in TV and Movies

High School Lessons for Exceptional Learners

Language Arts

Research Writing Project: Canine Exercise

Art of Dogs


America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

Search and Rescue Dogs Inequalities


Group Behavior

Natural Selection: Wolves to Dogs

Social Studies

Dogs in History

Dogs that Changed Society

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