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Lucky Cricket RAE CD OA OAJ owned by Beth Jansen by Albuquerque, NM

Cricket joined Beth’s family in 2013 after she was found living in a trailer park with another dog, surviving on trash. Some good samaritans noticed the dogs and contacted a rescue group, who placed the dogs in foster care.

When Cricket arrived in her foster home, her foster mom reported that Cricket's teeth were covered in “trash slime,” and she was so bloated from eating garbage that they initially thought she was pregnant.

“Cricket wasn't well-socialized with people; she was fearful of new situations and very unreliable off leash for the first year she was part of our family. To improve her off-leash behavior, I enrolled in Obedience and Rally classes, which were also great opportunities for Cricket and me to bond,” Beth said. “Gradually, Cricket began to get comfortable with Rally and Obedience, and she became more confident in unfamiliar situations and more reliable off-leash, so we began training for Agility. Cricket began to enjoy training, and she and I started to come together as a team.”

In 2016 she earned her RAE, her Open Standard and Jumpers Agility titles, and her Companion Dog title in obedience.

“Cricket has taught me so much about the value of positive reinforcement and patience, but she's also helped me realize just how much Rally, Obedience, and Agility align to help a dog reach their full potential as a companion dog or a performance.”