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MACH Jaxs MXB MJS MXF owned by Elaine Rinicker of Lutz, FL

Jaxs was twice given up to rescue before 5 months of age. Then Elaine adopted him at 6 months of age from Rocket Angels Italian Greyhound Rescue, where they thought he was an Italian Greyhound/Basenji mix.

“He was very shy and anxious about everything so we enrolled him in agility foundation to help with his confidence building at 11 months of age. It took him a couple of years to get completely confident about agility but now he has both a MACH (AKC agility championship) and a C-ATCH (CPE championship).”

Jaxs earned his MACH on Nov. 13, 2016, at the Dog Training Club of Tampa.

“Jaxs is a super consistent dog, never knocking the bars and rarely missing a contact, and he loves distance work. He recently earned his TQX title.”