Government Relations

The Hempstead Town Board is continuing to debate a proposal that would regulate breeders, pet sellers, and mandate the sterilization of dogs prior to sale- even if they are only 8 weeks old. Residents of the Town of Hempstead are encouraged to contact the Hempstead Town Board as soon as possible and respectfully ask them to not pass any regulations that would negatively impact breeders, sellers and retailers who are raising and treating dogs in a humane manner.

The Ulster County Legislature has made numerous changes to the proposal that would regulate dog breeders and sellers in the county, and a public hearing will be held in October. The Ulster County Legislature is demonstrating a willingness to listen to constituents on this proposal, and residents are encouraged to continue contacting the legislators to thank them for the positive changes that have been made and express concerns with portions of the resolution as currentlywritten.

The Ulster County Legislature has decided to not proceed with a vote on an ordinance that would have regulated breeders and imposed kennel requirements that were not in the best interest of dogs. The AKC was pleased to assist the efforts of local clubs and hobbyists who worked tirelessly to educate the legislature on the many problems with the proposal and the importance of supporting responsible dog owners and breeders.

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