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New Exhibitor Mentor Program

New Exhibitor Mentor Program

New Exhibitor Mentoring Program
New Exhibitor Mentoring Program
New Exhibitor Mentoring Program
New Exhibitor Mentoring Program

Are you new to the AKC and wish you had someone to guide you through the details of participating in our sports and events? Your wish is our command! Our new Exhibitor Mentoring Program is designed to do just that. It connects experienced breeders and handlers with newcomers to the AKC.

Mentors are volunteers who belong to AKC-affiliated clubs. They provide one-on-one training advice and assistance from everything from grooming to health care, the rules and traditions of dog shows, handling, and even the potential for future breeding of your dog. They can also help you learn:

  • Basic dog show/event etiquette
  • Dog show/event judging procedures
  • Common terminology used at shows and events
  • The difference between the types of events
  • How to fill out entry forms
  • How to join a dog club in your area

Relationships between mentor and mentee are often close and turn into lifelong friendships. According to one mentor, Allan Resnik, who also owns and exhibits Tibetan Spaniels, “The relationship that develops between a well-matched mentor and protégé can be wonderfully enriching for both, in addition to benefiting your breed, as long as you share the same core values and a similar vision.”

  • Eligibility +

    Who Can Participate

    To find a mentor, you must be:

    • At least 18 years old
    • A recent AKC registrant or be thinking about getting an AKC registered dog.
    • Familiar with our Privacy Policy.

    Apply to be a mentee here.

    To be a mentor, you must be:

    • At least 18 years old
    • A member of an AKC-affiliated club and in good standing with the AKC.
    • Actively involved in the sport that you want to be a mentor for at least six (6) years and have a solid grasp of the AKC Rules, Regulations and Policies.
    • Be willing to work with new exhibitors to encourage them to participate in
    • AKC events.
    • Conduct yourself in a sportsman-like manner.

    Apply to be a mentor here.

  • Getting Started +

    Program Details & Benefits

    If you’d like to be mentored, simply submit and sign a Mentee Application. You will then receive a list of qualified mentors located in your state.

    Here is a list of the Safety Do’s and Don’ts

    Want to become a mentor? Apply here.