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Dog Show Ring Stewards

Dog Show Ring Stewards


Webster’s Dictionary defines a steward to be, among other things, either “one employed to manage domestic concerns, supervise servants, collect rents, keep accounts, etc.,” or “one who actively directs affairs, a manager.”

Dog Show Stewards

Individuals should be selected for stewarding who are familiar with the most current judging procedures, breed classifications, and the AKC’s “Rule’s Applying to Dog Shows.” A good steward makes the work of judging easier by relieving the judge of unnecessary details. By assembling classes promptly, one will be able to keep the judging on schedule and eliminate, to a large extent, delays between classes.

Stewarding is hard work with little to no compensation save the satisfaction that comes from the knowledge that the work has been done well.

Main Dog Show Stewarding Duties:

  • Hand out armbands
  • Assemble classes promptly
  • Keep an accurately marked catalog noting placements, absentees, and disqualifications
  • Prepare ribbons and trophy awards for each class
  • Keep the ring neat and clean
  • Contact show photographer, clean-up crews and veterinarians or superintendent through the public address system

Stewarding Resources

Dog Show Stewards Booklet (PDF)
Canine College – Stewarding 101 Course
August 26, 2020 – Webinar – Ring Stewarding at Conformation Dog Shows
Conformation Stewarding – Webinar Questions/Answers (PDF)
 Rules Applying to Dog Shows – Addendum A (PDF)

AKC Certified Ring Steward Program

The AKC Certified Ring Steward Program was developed to provide a resource to clubs who may be in the need of a ring steward or stewards.  This list of AKC Certified Stewards will be published on this website and will be sorted by state (alphabetical order), providing the potential steward’s name, city, state, and their preferred means of contact (phone and/or email). The list is available via PDF format and is downloadable.  There is no fee for this program.

Any questions regarding the AKC Certified Ring Steward Program can be directed to Marliese Moody at or via telephone at (919) 816-3644.

Criteria for the AKC Certified Ring Steward Application

To be listed as an “AKC Certified Ring Steward,” one would be required to do the following:

  • Complete the Free Canine College Course – “Stewarding 101”
  • Complete at least three (3) stewarding assignments after the completion of the above course (no less than two as a solo steward)
    • Each stewarding assignment must be at least three (3) hours in length (approximately 75 entries). At the completion of each stewarding assignment, please have the Chief Steward or Show Chair sign, certifying that the individual has ring stewarded for their show.
  • Must be in good standing with the AKC
  • Submit completed application to the AKC

Certified Ring Steward Application (PDF)

Current List of Certified Ring Stewards (PDF)

AKC Certified Stewards Name Badge Order Form (PDF)


Ring Steward Organization Contact Information

The following is a list of several Stewarding Organizations.  You may find other qualified organizations in your area.
Be sure to inquire if a fee will be charge to the Club.


Eastern Stewards Club
Mid-Atlantic Stewards Association
Stewards Club of America 914-374-2708
Rose Robischon
1100 Ridgebury Road
New Hampton, NY 10958
Steward’s Club of Upstate New York 518-307-0753
Janine Bailey – President
Anne O’Neil – Chief Steward


Dixie Professional Stewards 352-875-1103
Marilyn Currey
PO BOX 145
Reddick, FL 32686
Mission City Stewards Club
Southeastern Professional Stewards’ Association, Inc. 561-784-2966
Kathy Engman
17381 38th Ln N
Loxahatchee, FL 33470
Stewards Club of Dallas
United Dog Show Stewards


Ohio Stewards Club President – Karen Rockwell
Secretary – Ellen Manes
Oklahoma Mid-American Ring Stewards 417-529-8310
Ms. Erma Susedik


New Mexico Stewards Association
PO BOX 7070
Albuquerque, NM 87194
Professional Stewards Association of Northern California President – Laura Finco
Vice President – Kevin Ellingson
Stewards Club of Arizona