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FSS Open Show

FSS Open Show

Is your dog considered a rare breed? Do you want an informal way to get some event experience under your belt? A Foundation Stock Service (FSS) Open Show is a perfect way for you and your dog to practice before an official event without any pressure, and is a must-do for anyone new to competing. They are similar to Match Shows but are specifically for owners of FSS breeds. Even though no points are earned towards a Championship, you can earn Certificate of Merit points.

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  • Eligibility +

    Competition Eligibility

    To participate, your dog must be:

    • 4 months and older on the day of the event, if competing in 4-6 Class.  They must be 6 months for all other classes.
    • Have an AKC number via the Foundation Stock Service®(FSS), or, a foreign registration number as defined in Chapter 11, Section 1 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows
    • Be listed with you as an owner of record.

    In addition:

    • No handlers can be used, unless they are listed as an owner of record.
    • Dogs that are blind are not eligible.
    • No dog can compete if it is taped or bandaged or in any way has anything attached to it for medical purposes.
    • No one acting in the capacity of Show Secretary or Judge at an FSS Open Show, any member of their immediate household or immediate family, can participate.

  • Getting Started +

    Start by making sure your breed is considered part of the Foundation Stock Service (FSS), which is for all breeds not currently AKC registrable. See a list of FSS Breeds here.

    Then find an AKC Club near you and ask for a list of FSS Open Show events, or search for them here.

    Classes are organized by the age of the puppy (4-6 months; 6-9 months; and 9-12 months), and there is an Open Class for more mature dogs. There are also Bred-By-Exhibitor Classes for owners who bred their dog themselves. At most events, classes are separated by gender.

    Before you go, make sure your dog walks well on a leash while they are on your left side; that they are comfortable with other dogs and people; and that they have been recently cleaned and groomed.

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    With over 22,000 annual events, there is a event for you.


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