AKC Introduces Conditional Registration
New York, NY – The American Kennel Club® Conditional Registration program is now available for any AKC®-registered dog whose parent, through DNA testing, is found to be unidentifiable. Rather than canceling the registrations of the individual dog, all of its littermates and all of their offspring, AKC will change affected dogs’ registration to the conditional […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-introduces-conditional-registration/ | July 5, 2007
AKC ‘Educational Match’ Offers Tri-State Dog Owners a Chance to Explore AKC Events
New York, NY -The American Kennel Club® has announced that an AKC® “Educational Match” will be held Saturday, September 29th on the grounds of the Hunterdon Developmental Center in Clinton, N.J. AKC held the first Educational Match in Raleigh, NC in March 2007. The purpose of these events is to offer the general public and […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-educational-match-offers-tri-state-dog-owners-a-chance-to-explore/ | July 3, 2007
American Kennel Club Honors Putnam Kennel Club of New York with Community Achievement Award
Club Donates Books to Library and Oxygen masks to Fire Department New York, NY — The American Kennel Club® announced today that the Putnam Kennel Club (PKC) of Putnam County, New York has been named a recipient of an AKC® Community Achievement Award.  The PKC is being recognized for its dedication to public education and […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/american-kennel-club-honors-putnam-kennel-club-of-new-york-with-commun/ | July 2, 2007
AKC Honors Gloucester County Kennel Club of New Jersey with Community Achievement Award
Oxygen Mask Donation Helps Save Dog’s Life New York, NY— The American Kennel Club® recently announced that Gloucester County Kennel Club (GCKC) of southern New Jersey has been named a recipient of the Community Achievement Award in recognition of its donation of 50 pet oxygen mask kits to ambulance rescue squads in the county. GCKC […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/american-kennel-club-honors-gloucester-county-kennel-club-of-new-jerse/ | July 2, 2007
American Kennel Club Honors Bernie and Donna Thompson of Virginia with Community Achievement Award
  Cross Junction Couple Dedicate their Lives to Dogs New York, NY — The American Kennel Club® announced today that Donna and Bernie Thompson of Cross Junction, Virginia have been named recipients of an AKC® Community Achievement Award. The Thompsons were recognized for their commitment to dogs as well as their dedication to animal-assisted therapy […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/american-kennel-club-honors-bernie-and-donna-thompson-of-virginia-with/ | July 2, 2007
AKC and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Team Up with Release of Firehouse Dog DVD
  DVD To Include Insert With Breed Information New York, NY— The American Kennel Club® and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announce a joint effort to educate potential puppy owners. The DVD of family comedy Firehouse Dog, which is being released on July 31, 2007, will include a supplement from the AKC® that details Irish […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-and-twentieth-century-fox-home-entertainment-team-up-with-release/ | July 2, 2007
American Kennel Club Announces Tulsa, Oklahoma Will Host 2008 National Agility Championships
  Three Day Competition Slated For Newly Renovated Facilities at Expo Square New York, NY— Today the American Kennel Club® announced that the National Agility Championship will be held at Ford Truck and Mustang arenas in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 28-30, 2008.  This is the second time the state will host the AKC® National Agility […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/american-kennel-club-announces-tulsa-oklahoma-will-host-2008-national/ | June 25, 2007
AKC Reaches Out to New Exhibitors at Dog Shows
New York, NY – The American Kennel Club® announced today that a new program has been created to help exhibitors who are new to conformation events. AKC Executive Field Staff will conduct new exhibitor briefings at shows which they are scheduled to attend. “This program comes at a time when AKC wishes to encourage new […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-reaches-out-to-new-exhibitors-at-dog-shows/ | June 18, 2007
AKC Welcomes 2007 Summer Interns
  The American Kennel Club® is pleased to welcome the seven students participating in the 2007 AKC® Internship Program. The program is geared towards college students with a background and interest in purebred dogs and is designed to further their professional development, as well as help AKC identify potential employees with experience in both AKC […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-welcomes-2007-summer-interns/ | June 5, 2007
AKC Introduces Online Record Keeping
The American Kennel Club® is pleased to announce that Online Record Keeping, a new service for breeders of AKC® registered litters and dogs, is now available. Any breeder with a My AKC account now has access to this free service, which provides a centralized area to manage and maintain dog and litter records online. "We […]
https://www.akc.org/press-releases/akc-introduces-online-record-keeping/ | June 5, 2007

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