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The AKC Pet Healthcare Plan recently added a new level of catastrophic only canine healthcare with the addition of the “Accident Plus” plan which targets a specific list of accidents and injuries typical to dogs. This new coverage will offer owners peace of mind in the event of unexpected emergencies.

“The phrase ‘accidents happen’ doesn’t just apply to humans – accidents happen to pets all the time,” said Steve Popovich, President and CEO of Pet Partners, Inc., the exclusive provider for the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. “We see claims for all kinds of accidents and injuries, from car accidents, insect and snake bites, and broken legs, to the case of the dog that swallowed a corn cob, a $1,900 claim, or the one that swallowed Tylenol ($1,130) or the one that needed surgery for a cactus needle in his eye ($530). So we are pleased to offer a new plan that allows owners to prepare for their dog’s emergencies at an affordable cost.”

Accidents covered under the plan are motor vehicle accidents, bone fractures, poison ingestion, foreign body ingestion, laceration and bite wounds, burns, insect bite and snake bite allergic reactions, accidental choking or drowning and head trauma. Some of the treatments covered under the plan include veterinary services and surgical procedures, prescription medications, diagnostic and laboratory tests, hospitalization, emergency visits, specialist visits, X-rays, CT Scans and MRIs.

Because there is no upper age limit to enroll your pet or to continue coverage, any dog may be enrolled in the plan as long as it is at least eight weeks old. The plan will cover 90% of the allowable cost after the $75 per incident deductible. Benefits of up to $8,000 annually (up to $2,000 per incident) begin on Day 1 of the policy.

The Accident Plus Plan offers affordable coverage from the equivalent of just 35 cents a day. Premium costs differ by state, but do not differ by breed, so premium payments for a dog range from $14.67 to $17.25 per month or approximately $128 to $159 per year. Coverage is offered to all U.S. residents. Customers can choose any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and can enroll easily on the website or by phone.

PetPartners, Inc. offers a range of plans to suit different needs including illnesses, accidents and preventative care. For more information visit or call PetPartners, Inc. at: 866-725-2747.