The Dog Listener Safety Video


Be safe around dogs: Become a Dog Listener!

The AKC would like to thank the volunteers that donated their time and their dog's acting skills in the making of this award winning production. To learn more about the dogs featured and their owners click here.

For a downloadable version of the activity guide that accompanies this safety program please click here.

AKC's Safety Around Dogs Program for kids of all ages

Since dogs are a big part of our society, the American Kennel Club believes every child should be taught how to behave safely around them. From the family's own to the neighbor's dog; from the dog running loose in a park to one sitting in its owner's car, dogs provide us with clues on their disposition or mood. Understanding those clues or body language will help children avoid dangerous situations.

We teach children to look both ways before crossing the street and to never accept rides or candy from strangers, and we must also teach them how to be safe around dogs.

With this in the mind, the AKC has created The Dog Listener: Be safe around dogs: Become a Dog Listener! This program contains a DVD and an activity copymaster booklet. The video and booklet teach children how to properly greet a dog, what to do when they see a loose dog and how to understand a dog's body language, among other topics.

The American Kennel Club also offers a list of AKC-affiliated club volunteers who are available to make presentations about canine safety, and other dog-related topics, to groups of children. These volunteers, called Canine Ambassadors, usually make presentations with their dogs.

For more information about the AKC's The Dog Listener or to obtain a list of Canine Ambassadors in your state, please contact the Public Education department at

If you would like to order your school or youth group a copy of The Dog Listener: Be safe around dogs: Become a Dog Listener! please e-mail Remember to include your name, school or affiliation (for example, the Boys and Girls Club), mailing address and daytime phone.

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