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Spaniels Hunting Tests

Spaniels Hunting Tests: Special Notice

Event Service Fees (Jan 2013)

Changes to Spaniel Hunting Test Regulations (Nov 2011)

The AKC’s Position Regarding Club Events Held on Private Property (June 2007)

Event giving clubs often conduct their activities on private property. It is the joint responsibility of the Club and the land owner to reach a mutual understanding regarding the obligations of both parties and the conditions for use. Reaching a mutual understanding should be done in a timely manner to allow both parties an opportunity to modify their plans without an undue hardship, should this become necessary. Once a mutual understanding is reached, it is expected that both parties will not modify their agreement except in the most extreme and unusual circumstances.

Because the AKC has an overriding interest in sportsmanship and fairness, there remains an expectation that, notwithstanding the foregoing, clubs would not agree to any terms promulgated by a private landowner which would run contrary to the rules, regulations, and policies of the AKC.

Note for Junior Handlers

In an ongoing effort to increase the number of Juniors in Performance, the Performance Events Department is pleased to announce the following addition to the Pointing Breed Hunting Test and Spaniel Hunting Test Programs:

“A dog that has acquired a qualifying score as a Senior Hunter may continue to enter Junior or Senior Hunting Tests provided the handler is under the age of 18 at the beginning date of the test level. No further Junior or Senior Hunter certificates will be issued.”