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Spaniels Hunting Tests

Spaniels Hunting Tests: Brochure

The AKC Spaniel Hunting Test Program

A new brochure explaining the basics of Spaniel Hunting Tests is now available. The brochure provides an introduction to the AKC Hunting Test program by explaining the standard procedures and basic requirements for each test level. The brochure is meant to allow new participants to become more familiar and comfortable with the event before giving it a try. It is ideal as a handout at sportsman shows, as information for new club members or as part of a package provided to puppy buyers.

The brochure can be viewed and downloaded. They are available for shipping in wrapped bundles containing 25 brochures. There is a shipping charge of $5.00 per bundle. They can be ordered by calling the AKC Performance Events Department at (919) 816-3908 or e-mailing Payment can be made by check or credit card.