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Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing: Eligible Breeds

All dogs one year of age or older from the following breeds are eligible to participate in Lure Coursing Events.

AKC Recognized Breeds

Miscellaneous Group

Foundation Stock Service Breeds*

* May compete for suffix titles only

  • Dogs of these breeds recorded with the Purebred Alternative Listing Program/Indefinite Listing Privilege (PAL/ILP) or dogs with Conditional registration are eligible to participate.
  • Spayed and neutered dogs are eligible to participate.
  • Monorchid and cryptorchid dogs are ineligible to participate.
  • Bitches in season are not eligible to participate.
  • Hounds with breed disqualifications, as listed in the AKC Breed Standards, are ineligible to enter lure coursing trials and tests.
  • Dogs with Limited Registration are eligible to participate.