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Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing

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How many times have you seen your dog bolting outside, running as fast as he can after a squirrel or a windswept plastic bag or paper cup? He’s going after his “prey” of course, and he’s doing exactly what Sighthounds are supposed to do. They’re born and bred to chase their prey! Their natural inclination to hunt by sight, not smell, is literally in their DNA.

So how do you satisfy your dog’s high-energy, inner instincts? AKC Lure Coursing may be the perfect answer! It’s an exciting way for him to do what comes naturally — but in a safe, controlled environment. In this event, dogs chase a mechanized, white plastic lure around a 600+ yard course that simulates the unpredictability of chasing live prey. Zig-zagging across a big, open field is simply heaven for these dogs! At the same time, it helps improve their focus, agility and sportsmanship.

Until you’ve actually seen it in action, it’s hard to imagine the complete and utter joy on your dog’s face as he runs the course, following the lure from start to finish. So if you’ve been looking for an activity that takes full advantage of your hound’s energy and natural ability, look no further than AKC Lure Coursing.

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  • Eligibility +

    Competition Eligibility

    All dogs one year of age or older from the following breeds are eligible to participate in Lure Coursing Events.

    AKC Recognized Breeds

    • Afghan Hound
    • Azawakh
    • Basenji
    • Borzoi
    • Cirneco Dell’Etna
    • Greyhound
    • Ibizan Hound
    • Irish Wolfhound
    • Italian Greyhound
    • Pharaoh Hound
    • Portuguese Podengo Pequeno
    • Rhodesian Ridgeback
    • Saluki
    • Scottish Deerhound
    • Sloughi
    • Whippet

    Foundation Stock Service Breeds*

    • Norrbottenspets
    • Peruvian Inca Orchid
    • Portuguese Podengos (Medio & Grande)
    • Thai Ridgeback

    * May compete for suffix titles only

    • Dogs of these breeds recorded with the Purebred Alternative Listing Program/Indefinite Listing Privilege (PAL/ILP) or dogs with Conditional registration are eligible to participate.
    • Spayed and neutered dogs are eligible to participate.
    • Monorchid and cryptorchid dogs are ineligible to participate.
    • Bitches in season are not eligible to participate.
    • Hounds with breed disqualifications, as listed in the AKC Breed Standards, are ineligible to enter lure coursing trials and tests.
    • Dogs with Limited Registration are eligible to participate.

  • Get Started +

    First, decide whether you want to compete. If you’re just starting out, it’s probably best to start with a non-competitive lure coursing test because they it is a low-stress way to gauge your hound’s coursing instinct. But if you decide to go further and compete, then your dog will be judged on well he performs the functions for which they were originally bred.

    Whether or not you decide to compete, your local AKC Club is the best place to find an event in your area, or you can search for them here. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the Lure Coursing Rules and Regulations before beginning. Above all, use the basic principles of good sportsmanship and you’ll be good to go!

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