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The American Kennel Club Launches National Marketing Campaign “If It Barks, It’s AKC”

French bulldog wearing a bandanna with the AKC logo, with a speech bubble that says If It Barks, It's AKC

“If it quacks, moos, or meows, we can’t help you. But if it barks, it’s AKC.”

The American Kennel Club is excited to launch its first ever nationwide brand marketing campaign “If It Barks, It’s AKC.” Catered to the dog-loving public, the campaign is based around AKC’s 135 years of dog expertise and the desire to share this knowledge with all dog owners and lovers to help them create a long, happy life with their canine best friend.

Dog ownership is a lifestyle and it is full of important choices. Whether someone needs help deciding on the right breed for their life and family or trying to figure out why their Aussie gets the zoomies, the AKC has the answers, because we’re dog people, too–and we have the expert knowledge, advice, resources, and support every dog owner needs, whether your canine companion is wonderfully purebred or perfectly mixed. Simply put, we get it.

The purpose of the campaign, developed with digital marketing agency Media Cause, is to connect with a broader audience and move them past the public perception that the AKC is only for “show dogs” using a mixture of humor and education. The organization’s in-depth and accurate knowledge can enhance and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. From training, to behavior, to health, to sports, and much more, regardless of the breed, the answers are easily accessible on one trusted source,

“Over the years, there have been a lot of misperceptions about who the AKC is as an organization,” says Kirsten Bahlke, Vice President of Consumer Demand, AKC. “However, education, responsible dog ownership, and helping people and their pups live their best lives together is really at the core of who we are, and what we do. We believe in the power of the human-canine bond, and we want to foster it in every way possible.”

She adds, “We did the research to identify where dog owners tend to need the most help, and overall, people seem to struggle in a few prominent areas. Figuring out what kind of dog is right for their lifestyle–not just deciding based on what’s cute, but based on each breed’s unique activity needs, coat type–decoding strange dog behaviors, and pretty much anything and everything about training, health, and wellness.”

The campaign is set to run across OTT (over-the-top channels ex: HULU), digital media, print media, social media, audio, and streaming channels starting on March 12, 2020.

“If It Barks, It’s AKC” Videos


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