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The American Kennel Club is opposed to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. In solidarity with the Ukrainian people, effective immediately, judges from the Russian Federation will not be approved to judge at AKC sanctioned events. Additionally, new requests for imported dog registrations (AKC Foreign Registration) from the Russian Kennel Federation will be denied effective immediately.

We continue to explore options to provide assistance to the Ukrainian people and their pets during this crisis.

The AKC and AKC Reunite have donated $25,000 to Equiwent (, a German organization with operations in Poland and Romania. Equiwent is assisting in the humanitarian effort by helping with Ukrainian refugees and their pets. Clubs and fanciers may donate to the cause by using this Equiwent link.

In addition, the AKC Store is also selling “Peace for Ukraine” apparel with all proceeds going to Casa lui Patrocle animal rescue, located 25 miles outside of Ukraine offering shelter, veterinary care and emergency assistance to anyone crossing the border with pets. This fundraiser will remain active for the entire month of March. To date, $15,000 is being donated.

Dr. Thomas M. Davies, Chairman, AKC

Dominic P. Carota, Vice Chairman, AKC

Dennis B. Sprung, President and CEO, AKC