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Fetch Judge Resources

Fetch Judge Resources

Judging Responsibilities

Responsibilities of judges include working with the club to plan the test, approving the layout of the course, directing the helpers re: the placement of blinds and distractors, and completing the required online Test Summary Form within 7 days after the test so that titles can be issued.

The club or judge will determine who will provide the materials for the test and course (paperwork, course distractions, blinds, etc.) At the test, the judge must also complete the “Record of All Dogs Tested,” a short form for his or her own records that lists the owner and dog name and breed and whether or not the test was passed.

Judging Approval Process

The requirements to become an AKC Fetch Judge are:

    • Be an approved and active CGC Evaluator or AKC approved Judge (any type)
    • Successfully complete *all 4 parts (modules) of the Canine College Online Training and Test. (using Chrome is the preferred web browser)

The four parts (aka modules) are:

  1. Overview of Fetch Test (read and absorb material)
    • Fetch Judge and Participant Guide
    • Setting Up Your Fetch Course

2. Fetch Videos (view and absorb material)

    • Watch videos for each test level – Novice, Intermmediate, Advanced, Retriever

3. Fetch Test for Judges (actual affirmation of content and exam)

    • Complete attestation
    • Take the test  – 25 questions based on written and video content in previous parts.

4. Fetch Judge Application (provide contact info/signature)

    • Complete and sign the fetch judge application.

The $20 application fee is submitted upon your enrollment into the Canine College before you begin the first module.

After applicants successfully complete what is required to become a Fetch Judge, an email notification will be sent from the Family Dog Judges Department. This will confirm an applicant has been approved to judge Fetch tests.  If the applicant is already an existing AKC judge their judge number will remain the same. If they are a CGC evaluator only, they will be provided a new AKC judge number.

All AKC Fetch judges will appear in the AKC Judges Directory. To find a Fetch judge be sure to select the correct competition type found in the drop down.


Judges Education for Fetch Tests

The *four parts below are also part of the online training and test found in the AKC Canine College. Before applying to become a Fetch judge, you will need to be familiar with the materials below.

Fetch Judge Forms

For more information on the approval process contact Fetch Judges at