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AKC Fetch Program

Fetch News and Updates

January 2, 2024:

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to the AKC Family Dog lineup – AKC Fetch.

In AKC Fetch, dogs and their handlers have fun, get exercise, and they can earn four levels of AKC titles by demonstrating retrieving skills.

AKC Fetch is designed for all breeds.

Dogs who are at least six months of age are eligible to take the AKC Fetch test as long as they are registered or enrolled with AKC and have an AKC, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number.

AKC Fetch is a pass-fail noncompetitive test. The four levels of titles (Novice [FTN] Intermediate [FTI], Advanced [FTA], and Retriever [FTR]) assess the ability of the dog to retrieve a ball or bumper. Toys may be used in the Novice and Intermediate levels. For each of the four titles, the dog must pass the test twice under two different approved AKC Fetch judges.

CGC Evaluators or AKC judges of any type may be judges for AKC Fetch if they have completed the Fetch training in Canine College. To become a Fetch judge, go to Canine College here.

AKC Fetch tests may be hosted by AKC licensed or member clubs or AKC Approved (current) Canine Good Citizen Evaluators who are approved as Fetch judges.

For a club or Fetch judge to hold a test, they must fill out an Fetch Test Event Application.

  • There is an event application fee of $35.
  • The application must be submitted one month in advance.

When dog owners are asked about activities they like to do with their dogs, the most common responses are to take their dog for a walk and to play ball (fetch) with the dog. Get on the ball and plan your Fetch tests soon! For information about the new AKC Fetch program, click here.

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