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AKC Fetch Program

AKC Fetch Program


What is AKC Fetch?

Welcome to AKC Fetch! When dog owners are asked about activities they like to do with their dogs, the most common responses are to take their dog for a walk and to play ball (fetch) with the dog.

AKC Fetch titles were created as another activity in which owners could have fun with their dogs in the AKC Family Dog Program. Earning AKC Fetch titles provides opportunities for both physical and mental exercise. While some dogs are natural retrievers, AKC Fetch, especially at the advanced levels, will involve teaching new skills such as retrieving.

AKC Fetch is designed for all breeds.

AKC Fetch is a pass-fail noncompetitive test. The four levels of titles (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Retriever) assess the ability of the dog to retrieve. In the Advanced and Retriever levels, the dog must respond correctly to signals. There is also a memory component in Advanced and Retriever because a retrieving bumper or ball is dropped (or thrown) behind a blind where it cannot be seen.

For each of the four titles, the dog must pass the test twice under two different approved AKC Fetch judges.

Dogs who are at least 6 months of age are eligible to take the AKC Fetch test as long as they are registered or enrolled with AKC and have an AKC, PAL, or AKC Canine Partners number.

Why Participate in AKC Fetch?

AKC Fetch provides a form of exercise for dogs and their owners. Dogs learn new skills and many handlers will learn to teach a skill (i.e., retrieving) they have not previously taught.

AKC Fetch titles are fun to earn and can be used as a required AKC title for earning the Gold level of AKC FIT DOG. For info on AKC FIT DOG, see: