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Chona Kasinger

Each October, hundreds of dogs and thousands of spectators flock to New York City’s East Village to experience the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade. Variously described as “the biggest Halloween costume contest for dogs in the world” (CNN) and “barking mad” (The Guardian), the parade draws all types of dogs in costumes for the enjoyment of New Yorkers, dog-owning or otherwise.

For the second straight year, the parade outgrew its original location of Tompkins Square Park and was moved to the larger waterfront setting of East River Park. Dog safety is always a Halloween parade priority, but creativity certainly counts too, as evidenced by the adorable hoards of delightfully costumed canines that descended on NYC this weekend.

For the Love of Dog

Pup or Pope? This Siberian Husky took his holy look to the next level, even donning one of those special hats that no one ever remembers the name of (it’s called a mitre).

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Wouldn’t it be great if Taco Tuesday was actually just a day for French Bulldogs all over the world to dress up in hard taco costumes? That’s an idea we’d eat right up.

One Happy Grouch

This smiling Samoyed went all-out in a green Oscar getup from Sesame Street, but someone clearly forgot to mention the ‘Grouch’ part to them.

A Fine Pineapple

Orange you glad there aren’t any corny jokes about citrus fruits we could write about this Chihuahua? Us too.

“Takin’ a Greyhound On the Hudson River Line”

These Greyhounds are definitely in a New York State of Mind. We’re pretty sure it was a dog, not a bus, that Billy Joel was singing about the whole time.

Pupperoni Pizza

This Pug looks like a scrumptious slice we’d love to devour, and the matching Pug socks sported by the owner are a nice complementary touch.

Bird Dog or Bird/Dog?

This Weimaraner may never encounter game as large as Big Bird in the field, but we’d love to see what might happen if it did.

No Bones About It

Dog-safe dyes are increasingly popular for Halloween costumes and this Doberman Pinscher owner employed the effect for a spooky skeletal look.

Learning To Fly

This Bulldog is doing its best Amelia Earhart impression, but it seems to prefer its cozy place in this wagon to being up in the air on a plane.

Flower Power

All this Pembroke Welsh Corgi wants to know is, why can’t we all get along? Peace, love, and treats are all we need.
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