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If you’re looking for the perfect dog Halloween costume, look no further. Halloween is the perfect time to show off your dog’s adorable looks, and many dog owners choose to dress their dog up for the holiday. Whether you’re looking for a funny costume for your Labrador Retriever or a scary costume for your Chihuahua — read on for the best dog Halloween costumes for canines of any size.

Dog Halloween Costume Guide Overview

Safety Guidelines for Halloween Costumes
Funny and Cute Halloween Costumes
Scary Dog Halloween Costumes
Best Costumes for Large Dogs
Best Costumes for Small Dogs
Best Matching Costumes for Dogs and Kids

Dog Halloween Costume Safety Guidelines

Before dressing up your dog in any Halloween costume, keep these dog costume guidelines in mind to ensure a fun and safe night for both you and your pet:

  • Avoid any toxic ingredients
  • Beware of choking hazards
  • Keep it simple
  • Never leave your dog unattended
  • Comfort is key
  • Consider a test run
  • Take the temperature into consideration
  • Don’t go overboard
  • Keep photoshoots short
  • If your dog looks uncomfortable or if he’s in danger, ditch the costume

Remember: if you have any concerns about a potential costume for your dog, consult your trainer and/or veterinarian beforehand.

Funny and Cute Halloween Costumes For Dogs

Impress your party guests by letting your canine strut their stuff in these funny and cute costumes. These costumes offer just the right amount of pizazz to add a comedic touch to your spooky celebration.

Pizza Dog Costume

Midlee Pizza Dog Costume


How can you possibly go wrong with pizza? This pizza costume is available in four sizes ranging from 8″ in length to 14″ in length. Midlee notes that the product is easy-to-wear and slips on your canine for maximum comfort. Not only is this costume great for this upcoming Halloween, but great for any party theme or food event. Price: $19-$20 (pricing depends on sizing variation).

Salt and Pepper Dog Costumes

Midlee Salt & Pepper Costume

Have multiple dogs? These salt and pepper costumes are perfect for two pups. The outfits fit as pullover shirts, and each also includes a hat with a plastic band. The salt and pepper costumes are sold separately, so there is no pressure to purchase both if you have just one dog. The product measurements are completed from the back of your canine and sizes range from 10″ to 26″. Reviewers suggest sizing up to ensure the most comfortable fit. Price: $19.

Skunk Dog Costume

Midlee Skunk Dog Costume


This furry skunk costume will fit your dog as a pullover and features a hood with ears. Sizes are measured along the back of your canine and range from 10″ to 26″.Some reviews note that it’s important to measure your dog, but if the measurements are done correctly, the size will be very true to fit. Price: $20.

Scary Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is all about frights and scares. From famous horror film characters to creepy crawlers — take your party to the next level with these scary costumes.

Jason – Friday the 13th Dog Costume

Rubie’s Friday the 13th Jason Pet Costume


Your pup can make even the scariest costume look cute. This frightening costume includes a mask and jersey to resemble the famous Jason from Friday the 13th. The manufacturer includes a sizing instructional video along with a sizing chart and urges potential customers to take true to their instructions. The product comes officially licensed and is guaranteed as authentic. Rubie’s also sells the Camp Crystal sign, machete, and an axe for added horror memorabilia.

Customers note that this costume is cute and adorable, providing great quality for the price. Additionally, some warn that the mask becomes more of a necklace for your dog as they may not enjoy wearing it on their head. Many reviews state that sizing was difficult depending on the breed, so it’s very important for customers to measure and follow the sizing instructions. Price: $16.

Spider Dog Costume

California Costume Collections Small Dog Costume


This creepy crawler costume is 100 percent polyester. Made by California Costume Collections, it features a full spider body, googly eyes, a headpiece, and fur. This piece is available in sizes XS – L.

With close to 30 reviews, customers highlight how adorable this product fits on their dog. Some pleased customers mention that their companions didn’t mind the bulkiness of the outfit. Some state the headpiece did have a habit of falling down, but many note that it was worth the price. Price: $24.

Freddy Krueger Dog Costume

Rubie’s A Nightmare on Elm St Freddy Krueger Pet Costume


Rubie’s offers a variety of costumes for your furry friend, but this piece may take home awards at your horror-film themed party. This costume features a hat, sweater, and a glove. Sizes are available in S – XL.

With a near 100 reviews, this 5-star product is a hit at all Halloween parties. Customers highlight that the sweater is made of great quality. Customers rave that since the hat includes a strap on, it does fit correctly on top of your dog’s head. Price: $20.

Best Halloween Costumes for Large Dogs

For many who may struggle to get their larger breed to wear some of the above costumes, here are some great selections for large dog Halloween costumes.

Lion Mane Costume for Dogs

Tomsenn Lion Mane Costume for Large Dogs


This realistic lion mane is perfect for larger dogs such as Golden Retrievers and even some giant breeds such as Mastiffs. This product is made of polyester fiber and the mane is woolen and easy to clean. The manufacturer notes that in this mane, your dog will be an “eye-catcher” at any event. The mane’s neck size is measured to fit 60 cm to 80 cm in diameter. The costume is available in two colors — brown and black and includes an added tuft for the dog’s tail.

More than 400 reviews justify this purchase because of how adorable the fit was on their larger dogs. “I had it on a very large, muscular Bull Terrier and there was plenty of room to spare,” says one reviewer. Many rave that the fit didn’t seem to bother their dog after adjusting. Price: $14-$15.

Shark Dog Costume

Frisco Shark Costume


Show up to an ocean-themed party with this shark costume by Frisco. The head and body of this product are stuffed with polyfill material while the outside is designed with plush. This piece features velcro straps at the chest and belly of your dog. This product is machine washable and available in six sizes.

Some customers mention that they had trouble keeping the fin upright, but others note that their dog loved wearing this costume. A few reviewers mention that it was difficult to find costumes for big dogs until this costume was designed. Price: $14-17

Best Halloween Costumes for Small Dogs

Now that your large dog has a costume for Halloween, check out these costumes made especially for smaller canines.

Pineapple Dog Costume

Midlee Dog Pineapple Costume


Keep the summer vibes going right into Fall — your tiny pup will look adorable in this pineapple costume. The costume includes a t-shirt style top and headpiece with a chin strap.

Many people who bought the costume state that this product is adorable, their dog enjoyed wearing it, but some note that it’s important to size up. The piece is available in 6 sizes, but the majority of reviews are from small dog owners. One customer mentions that their dog won a Halloween contest using this costume. Price: $19.

Pumpkin Dog Costume

Zack & Zoey Dog Pumpkin Costume

Still unsure what to dress your dog as for Halloween? Take the holiday back to the basics with this traditional pumpkin costume by Zack & Zoey. Made out of 100 percent polyester, this product features a soft plush exterior with a matching pumpkin cap. The cap includes a velcro strap for a tight, but comfortable fit on your companion. The manufacturer suggests machine washing on cold and laying to dry to maintain shape and color.

Out of 10 reviews, more than half are 5-star and mention how great this piece looked on their furry friend. Many warn that owners should size up before purchasing in order to ensure a more comfortable fit. Price: $22.

Best Matching Costumes for Dogs and Kids

One of the biggest joys of Halloween for a child is picking out the perfect costume. This year, why not multiply the cuteness by involving your child and pup in coordinating costumes? From food to comic book characters — your dog and child duo will be the stars of any party this season.

Take a look at our complete guide to matching Halloween costumes for dogs and kids.

Make Fall Fun and Safe For Your Canine

If your dog dislikes large costumes, or you are trick-or-treating somewhere chilly, consider an autumn sweater or other fall accessories. While you’ll need to be careful that your dog doesn’t get into chocolate or other treats after Trick-or-Treating, you may want to make them some dog-friendly pumpkin treats to enjoy.

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