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Expert Advice: News 25 Best Dog Costumes from the Halloween Dog Parade
Following the devastating announcement that the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade had been canceled, the community banded together to ensure its return in 2018 with a successful crowdfunding campaign. At the final hour, the fest was brought back, and all rejoiced-- after all, what would Halloween in New York even be like without this […] | October 29, 2018
Expert Advice: News 10 Tricks to Make Halloween a Treat for Your Dog
Halloween can be a fun time for children and families. But for dogs, it can be a nightmare. Here's what you can do to prevent a night of frights. Candy is not for dogs. All forms of chocolate—especially baking or dark chocolate—can be dangerous, and even lethal. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning may include vomiting, diarrhea, […] | October 23, 2018
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog How to Throw a Spooktacular Dog Halloween Party
Is your dog all dressed up for Halloween, with no place to go? Consider throwing your own dog Halloween party! First things first, throwing a party is a big endeavor, in and of itself, and things don't get any easier when you add canine companions to the mix. Remember that this is a commitment, and […] | October 8, 2018
Expert Advice: Vet's Corner Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners
Question: Dear Dr. Klein, Halloween is right around the corner, and as an experienced veterinarian, I suspect you’ve seen all manners of Halloween hazards for dogs. I’ve heard that chocolate or candy containing artificial sweeteners can be dangerous for dogs. Can you please explain why these are dangerous and provide a list of other Halloween […] | October 3, 2018
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Expert Advice: Lifestyle 10 Tips for Dressing up Your Dog Safely
Before dressing up your dog for a holiday, whether it's Halloween, Fourth of July, or National Ice Cream Day, there are several important factors to consider. To ensure that your canine companion is comfortable and happy, here are some things to think about prior to party time. 1. Avoid any toxic ingredients. Glitter is pretty, but […] | July 3, 2018
Expert Advice: Fun With Your Dog Inside the 2017 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade
The most joyous event of the year took Tompkins Square Park over the weekend and saw scores of wildly imaginative and carefully thought out costumes. From four legged versions of Pennywise the clown a la It to 8 legged Corgis, here are some of the best ensembles we spotted at the annual event. Behold, our […] | October 23, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 16 of the Greatest Pug Memes on the Internet
  The phrase "multum in parvo," meaning a great deal in a small space, is often used to described the charming, loving, and mischievous Pug. Don't let their size fool you; any Pug owner will confirm that you're getting tons of personality with this dog. And that's why Pugs make the perfect meme subjects. A […] | August 10, 2017
Expert Advice: Cute & Funny 8 Yorkshire Terriers That Are Just Too Silly
  Yorkshire Terriers may be small dogs...but they have BIG personalities. Not only are they sprightly, tomboyish, and affectionate, but they're also known for their fun, determined, and sometimes even bossy nature. Which means, if you know anything about the Yorkie, you know that they're bound to make you laugh. So without further ado, we […] | July 21, 2017
Expert Advice: Puppy Training Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Pup: Socialization
  There are one million things you can buy to pamper your new puppy, but appropriate socialization — and lots of it — is more valuable than any fancy collar, plush toy or monogrammed dog sofa. If you got your puppy from a responsible breeder, the socializing will have already begun. From birth the litter […] | July 13, 2017
Expert Advice: Feature ​This Young Pug is a Crowd Pleaser — No Matter What the Number(s)
  Shari and Kevin Curran have a very busy lifestyle in rural Texas, but somehow a charismatic Pug, named Lionel, has managed to become the centerpiece of their lives. The couple, who live on 80 acres in Canton, Texas, 60 miles east of Dallas, own horses, miniature horses, a pot-bellied pig, alpaca goats, chickens, and, […] | May 31, 2017

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