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We take name inspiration from all of our favorite things in life. Our favorite places, flowers, family members, movies—so when it comes to naming a new puppy, why not take a cue from some of our most-loved foods too?

Whether you prefer sweet, salty, or savory, we have all kinds of food names for dogs. As long as you’re comfortable yelling about pasta in public when you need to get your dog’s attention at the park, the below are all great options. Warning: Don’t read about these name ideas on an empty stomach.

Top Food Names For Dogs


The part of the artichoke that you eat is actually the bud of a flower before it blooms. Artichokes have a tender heart at their core which is protected by strong layers of leaves—making it a nice name choice for breeds that may have an intimidating exterior but lovable disposition. They represent hope, peace, and prosperity. We also love the idea of going with Arty for short.


Basil comes across as a smart and sophisticated name for any number of breeds. An herb in the mint family, Basil could be suitable for a puppy that adds that finishing touch to your family–as it tends to do to many a meal.

©Grigorita Ko -


For all of our cheese and charcuterie fans, Brie—a French soft cheese—could make for a great food name for a dog with a creamy white coat. It could also be a nice option for French breeds.


A food name for dogs that’s a classic choice, Cookie is cute, sweet, and an adorable moniker for any pet. Just be careful saying the “C-word” around other pets.

Dim Sum

Great for a pair of pets, or used as a double name combination, Dim Sum comprises many small Chinese dishes that are traditionally served at brunch time.


Another classic sweet loved by many, Donut—or perhaps a full name of Dunkin’ Donuts—could be a sweet name choice to suit a squishy, doughy breed like a Bulldog or Pug.


A food that crosses many cultures, a dumpling consists of a doughy exterior that is baked, steamed, or fried and can contain a number of fillings. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than your little Dumpling.


Perfect for bread lovers and a chunky dog breed, Loaf is a lighthearted food name for dogs that’s sure to get attention.


Milano makes for a great fit for an Italian breed or just an enthusiast of the classic cookie favorite.


Yummy and cute, Mochi is a small Japanese rice cake made of short-grain japonica glutinous rice. In Japan, it is traditionally made in a ceremony called Mochitsuki, which could make for a great full name, using Mochi for short.


popular moniker among foodie parents-to-be, Olive can also make for a trendy food name for dogs.


Love your panko the same way you love salt and pepper? Why not honor your love for all things breaded, by naming your pet after the light and flaky Japanese breadcrumbs too?


A favorite American sandwich, the Reuben is made with corned beef, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, and grilled rye bread. We love this name for a breed that sports a brown or red-like coat.


A moniker given to a set of Insta-famous pets already, Rigatoni is a fun-loving food name for dogs, yet it somehow manages to also sound dignified at the same time. Call them Toni for short, but Rigatoni is bound to be a memorable name everyone will love just as much as the dish.

Chihuahua sitting next to a pizza on grey background.
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Roti is a round flatbread native to India. It’s a name that is short, sweet, and yummy.


Another Indian dish, a samosa is a fried or baked pastry with a savory filling. The flaky puff-like food is typically served as a crowd-pleasing appetizer and could also serve as a nice name for a fluffy, puffy pet, like a Pomeranian.


Soba noodles are as delicious as they are slurp-ready. We love this idea for a longer-in-length breed like a Dachshund or another hound dog.


Another name inspired by a food of Japanese origin, Sushi makes for a cute and unique food name for dogs.


Can’t you just easily imagine a little Chihuahua with the name of Taco? We sure can!


And if you have two dogs in your future, you can pair your above Taco with a Torta. How sweet—or should we say savory—would that name combo be!

We’re sure that whatever name you cook up, your pet will love it just as much as you love them.

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