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Chihuahuas are a beloved breed who are known for their loyal and loving nature toward their owners, their tenacious spirit and, yes, their diminutive frame. But while small in size — they’re actually one of the smallest recognized dog breeds — Chihuahuas are sure to get themselves noticed and be heard. So, if you have recently brought home a Chihuahua or are looking to in the future, get ready for a lot of love, lap snuggles, and laughs.

Still, owning a pet is a serious thing. You’ll be responsible for this dog for many years to come. So take a look at more information about the Chihuahua breed and be sure to chat through any of your questions with the breeder or rescue that you will be working with before taking home your new pet.

Once you have made the informed decision to bring home a little Chi Chi, it’s time for the fun to begin. And one of the best parts of early pet ownership has to be choosing a name that will suit your little dog-to-be. Check out our list of Chihuahua names that will embody the little pup with a big personality just perfectly:


Alpha can make for a great gender-neutral pet name that possesses all the power that little Chis tend to yield. Alpha as a name is of Greek origin and directly translates to “beginning”.


Short for Archibald, which means “truly brave”, this moniker is not only fit for royalty, but also fits a little dog with a fierce attitude and no fear.


The first AKC-registered Chihuahua in 1908 was named Beppie. Historically, Beppie has been used as a nickname for Beatrice and Elizabeth.


Charlotte is a French name meaning “petite”. It is also perfectly fancy and fitting for a Chihuahua that rules the family with their cuteness.

Longhaired Chihuahuas walking together in the grass.
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Another name of French origin, Faye can mean “loyalty, confidence and trust” — all attributes of a faithful Chi. When spelled Fay, Fae or Fey, the name can refer to a fairy-like mythical creature.


Chihuahua names with a little irony are always a great choice. While once a popular pet moniker, Fido has fallen off the list of most-used pet names. But who better to bring the name back in fashion than a little feisty Chi?


Francisco, that’s fun to say!” Plus, who doesn’t love a big name for a little dog? Francisco is of Latin and Spanish origins and means “free man” or “little Frenchman”.


Griffin is of Welsh origin and means “strong lord”. A Griffin is also a mythical creature that is half eagle and half lion and is known to guard valuable possessions and treasures.


Chihuahuas in recent times have been referred to as “purse dogs”. While Chis surely need and enjoy exercise, they also love being carted around, because they can remain close to their owner. Whether you favor Louie Vuitton or another handbag brand, we think a designer name fits the fashionable breed nicely.


The breed is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, so a name of Spanish heritage can make for a nice choice. Luna translates to “moon” in Spanish.


A play on words for a playful pet, Mar-teeny has the right amount of humor and flavor to it.

Tricolor Chihuahua dog is looking


“Though she be but little she is fierce.” This quote from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, refers to a character named Hermia in the play. You could choose Hermia or Mia for short and have a very suitable Chihuahua name choice that has literary flair.


Mole is a traditional sauce used in Mexican cuisine. And everyone loves a food-inspired pet name.


Pip was the protagonist and narrator in Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations. Short and sweet, Pip the Pup can be a great Chihuahua name.


Sandie is a name of Greek Origin and means “man’s protector”. This could be a nice name choice for a tan or fawn Chihuahua. And the name has bonus points if you plan on enjoying time together with your dog at the beach.


Like a precious gem, your Chihuahua should be treasured. If you happen to own a red-coated chi, we love the name idea of Ruby.


Viva is of Latin origin and means “alive”. Life with never be dull with your little firecracker by your side.

No matter what name you choose, we’re sure your Chihuahua will carry it well!

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