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Bulldogs are a breed that is ultra-fun, lovable, and utterly cute. These easy-going, dignified dogs will fit into almost any environment as they tend to be adaptable, friendly pets who bode well in both city and suburban life.

Simply, to know a Bulldog is to love them. That being said, like with any pet, it’s important to read up on their specific needs before bringing one home. And when you are in fact ready to add a Bulldog to your brood, be sure to check out these unique and classic Bulldog name ideas:


A noble name for a noble pet. Alice is an Old German name that literally means “noble”. It also has a super sweet ring to it, which makes it suitable for the sweet-natured breed.


Another name of Old German origin — don’t worry we’ll get to those English monikers soon — Bernie means “strong and brave bear”. If you have multiple Bulldogs, complementary names of Bernie and Sanders could be a great influential name choice.


This sunshine-y name is of French Origin and means merciful and mild. You could use Clemmie for short.


If a “Brick House ” could play every time a Bulldog made an entrance, then life couldn’t get anymore perfect. That’s why we love the idea of The Commodores serving as a Bulldog’s namesake.


Delicate, graceful, a symbol of hope. Dove can make for a sweet Bulldog name and could be even more fitting if the pet’s coat is white.

Bulldog puppies running and playing in the grass outdoors.


No matter how delicate a Bulldog may act, from time to time they can tend to be, well, a bit bullish. Ferdinand is the name of a beloved black Bull character in Munro Leaf’s children’s book, The Story of Ferdinand.


There is something so fabulously piggish about this breed. Perhaps it has something to do with their short, stout legs and flat noses. So Hamilton or Hammy for short just had to make our list of Bulldog names.


Another dignified name, Hugo means “mind” and is a nice name choice for a breed that always seems to look like they are deep in thought.


Bulldogs are a favorite in England. We think the location of Kensington Palace can serve as great naming inspiration for the breed.


The Bulldog has been made a mascot for many universities, organizations, and even world powers. Old Dan from Yale and Chesty of the United States Marine Corps are just two very notable examples. With this name, you can make your Bulldog-to-be your very own Mascot.


With their adorable rolls, we can’t help but imagine a Bulldog with the name of Pudding. Or even better, first name: Bread. Middle name: Pudding.


Another food-inspired pet name perfect for the Bulldog. Spuds could represent a little couch potato in the making.

Bulldog on skateboard grinning.


A force. A landmark. A name fit for a Bulldog.


Picture this: a Bulldog in a tutu. Every time you call for Tulle you can bask in the amazingness of that image.


A Bulldog owner himself, Truman Capote is another great namesake for the breed.


Another French-inspired Bulldog name, Versailles can make an elegant name for a regal pet.


Winston Churchill was nicknamed the “British Bulldog” and we think there couldn’t be a better way to close out this list.

Bulldogs are unique, beautiful pets that deserve to receive back all of the love and devotion they give to their family. We hope that finding the perfect name for your pet is only the beginning of all of the fun you will surely have together.

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