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Rottweilers are as loyal and loving as they are protective and confident. The working dog has been a long-loved breed that dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. And while they have played various roles over the course of history, today they make a fun-loving companion for families across the country.

The breed is often depicted in movies as a drooling, growling guard dog. But while the stature of a Rottie can be somewhat intimidating, their true personality is sweet and even silly at times. But like with any kind of dog, the Rottweiler has unique needs and characteristics, so it’s best to speak with your breeder to learn more about their care before bringing a Rottie home to make sure they’re a good fit for your lifestyle.

If you are committed to the idea of adding a beloved Rottweiler puppy to your family, here are some popular Rottweiler names that are fitting of both the breed’s personality and origin.

Top Rottweiler Name Ideas


The feminine version of Alexander, meaning “protector” or “defender of men”, Alessia is a sweet name choice for the sweet breed. Rottweilers carry a protective nature, making it quite fitting as well.


A Greek and Roman god who was the “protector of the young”. If you are planning on getting a pet before adding a child to your brood, this could be a great name idea for your Rottie.

Rottweiler laying in the park with a ball being hugged by a young boy.


Nodding to the breed’s origin that ties back to the Roman Empire, Augustus was the adopted son of Julius Caesar and reigned after Caesar’s death. Caesar, Julius, or even Julius Caesar could all make great alternative choices as well.


The Rottweiler is a well-known working dog, used as police and search and rescue dogs across the world for many generations. To represent the breed’s blue-collar ties, the name Blue could be the perfect fit for a dog who also holds one of these working dog titles.


This one is for any “The Last Kingdom” fans out there, as Brida (a.k.a. our favorite Danish-raised Viking warrior from the series) means “strength” or “exalted one”.


This is a beautiful, strong name for a beautiful and strong dog. Constance means “constant” and “faithful”, which are two traits that Rottweilers are very well-known for.


Looking back at the Rottie’s history, there was a period after wartime when they were referred to as “the butcher’s dog” because the breed was used to keep cattle safe during the transport from the farms to the market. Dario Cecchini is considered the world’s most famous butcher and his name is a suitable moniker for a Rottie with a refined palette.


Faust is a character from a German folktale retold by Goethe, the famous German playwright. As a name, Faust is of Latin origin and means “fortunate” and “enjoying good luck”—something you can call yourself after getting a Rottie.


A Rottweiler starred in the 1986 classic movie, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. We love this name for a Rottie who exudes genuine spunk and curiosity.


A star character in the “Gargoyles” cartoon series from the 1990s, Goliath drives home the guardian-like characteristics of the breed.


Jocosa is a Medieval English name that means “merry” or “playful”, which are two loveable, yet underrated traits of the Rottie breed.


Thought to be descended from Mastiffs, while still substantial in size, Rottweilers make for a sort of “junior” to the massive breed.


It’s a little-known fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is a Rottie lover, and we couldn’t resist throwing a good celeb-inspired name into the mix. Leo is also the Latin word for “lion” and fitting for the fierce breed.


As mentioned earlier, a Rottie can actually be silly in nature, which is why we love the name of Lucille Ball, known for “I Love Lucy”, for the dog that demonstrates a jokester-like character.


Most literally, Piper is an English name that means “someone who plays the musical pipe, flute, or bagpipes”. However, it is also a name given to those that exude happy-go-lucky, content natures—like the Rottie tends to do in their home environment.

Rottweiler laying down in the couch sleeping in the sunshine.


As mentioned earlier, Rottweilers date back to the Roman Empire, which makes this name choice great for the breed and also a history buff owner.


A nickname for the breed we’ve already used a few times, and while a little on the nose, Rottie can make for a cute first name for your dog, too.


Because of the breed’s police dog and search and rescue ties, Sarge can make for a great name choice for a dog in service to you, your family, or their community.


Sorellina means “smaller or younger sister in Italian”. If you’re adding a female Rottie to your clan, consider this pretty name idea.


Who doesn’t love a name that’s a bit ironic? Ranging anywhere between 80 to 135 pounds, Rottweilers are anything but small.

No matter what you name your Rottweiler puppy, know that they’ll carry it well and it will be the first of many fun times you’ll have together

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