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Lovingly referred to as the “hot dog dog”, the “wiener dog,” and the “sausage dog”, the Dachshund is a cute and outgoing breed. Their legs are short, their bodies are comically long, and their barks are brave. These little firecrackers are not only filled with personality, but also a loving nature that’s expressed from the depths of their eternal puppy dog eyes to the tips of their perpetually wagging tails.

Like with any breed though, it’s important to understand a Dachshund’s physical and emotional needs before bringing one home. Be sure to speak with your breeder or breed rescue about any dog’s specific care requirements before adding them to your family.

Once you’re sure that a Dachshund is the breed for you, get ready for a lifetime of laughs and snuggles. And check out some Dachshund name inspiration that will suit your new pet just perfectly.

Alabaster Snowball

If your new Doxie is joining a squad of pets, it won’t take long before they’re in charge. Alabaster Snowball is Santa’s head elf and a great namesake for a Doxie. Like an elf, Dachshunds are little in stature but boast big and magical personalities.


With a full name of Ariana Grande, your little diva dog will be sure to make an entrance anywhere they go. The name Ariana is of Latin origin and means “most holy”. We think it’s safe to assume that your Dachshund-to-be would approve of such a name.


An old-world name for an old-world dog. Bavaria takes up one-fifth of Germany’s total land area — the country of the Dachshund’s origin — which is nothing compared to the space that your Doxie is bound to take up in your heart.

Dachshund puppy laying down in the grass.

Colonel Mustard

We can’t have a list of Dachshund names without having a few hot dog-inspired options, right? Colonel Mustard can complement both the Dachshund’s physical characteristics (That being, looking like a hot dog!) as well as their colonel-like personality.

Looking for another condiment name for a pair of doxies? Ketchup, Relish, and Sauerkraut could all make for excellent choices.


And here’s another foodie-approved option. Frankie can tie back to both the hot dog as well as Frankfurt, Germany.


A German name of origin, Fynn means “white” or “fair” and would suit a cream-colored Dachshund nicely.


Like the favorite Harry Potter character, dachshunds are both clever and smart. Hermione could be especially fitting for a longhaired or wirehaired Doxie.


Dachshunds can make for great city dogs. Irving place is an exclusive park in New York City that any Doxie would love to stroll around. As a name, Irving means “green or freshwater” and is of Gaelic origin.


A name inspired by history, during World War I American fanciers took to calling doxies (a well-known breed of Germany at the time) Liberty Hounds due to anti-German sentiment.


When there’s a genius name there’s no shame in repeating it. Walk in the paw steps of Linguine the Weenie, a pet on Instagram who embodies the characteristics of a true Dachshund.


Another Dachshund name inspired by a clever literary character, Matilda is also a German name that means “battle-mighty”. In other words, Matilda as a Dachshund name: check, check, and check.


A sweet name choice for a miniature Dachshund, Minnie can be short for Minerva who was the Roman goddess of wisdom.

Dachshund puppy walking in the grass.


Small, but in charge nonetheless. But we’re not saying that Doxie’s have any kind of a complex… or are we?


You didn’t think we were finished with hot dog names did you? Oscar Meyer is a favorite brand in the U.S. and sure to be a favorite namesake for little doxies too.


And what better to wash down a bite of hot dog humor than with a German beer? Pilsners are a blonde beer and can make for a great moniker for a light-colored Dachshund.


Another Harry Potter-inspired name, Remy can be short for Remus. With a name like that, your little Doxie will be full of fun and mischief.


A name that rhymes with Doxie: Roxie. A cute and spunky name for a cute and spunky pet, Roxie is a name of old Persian origin and means “dawn” and “bright”.


Of all dog breeds, the Dachshund is truly a Braveheart. After all, they were bred to take on badgers that could easily double them in size. William Wallace was the main character in Braveheart, just as this little Doxie is bound to become the main character in all of your best stories.

Weeble and Wobble

The only thing better than one Doxie is two. And the only thing better than two doxies is a pair named Weeble and Wobble. Why? Just imagine yelling out the back door, “Webble, Wobble, it’s time to eat!”

We rest our case.

We hope that you find the best name to match your best friend in the making! Be sure to check out dachshund training tips and more fun facts about this truly special breed.

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