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Breeder of Merit FAQs

  • Prepaid Registrations In Breeder Toolkit +

    If you plan to use the prepaid option to register all of the puppies – Do not select the electronic (downloadable) litter kit when you register the litter. That will disable the prepaid option. You are able to send an individual Registration Application for a puppy from the prepaid litter if needed.

    1. For Prepaid registration, you’ll need to log into your MyAKC account. Select/hover over your name which will give you the choice to go to MyAKC or logout.
    2. Go to MyAKC and select the link for Breeder Toolkit
    3. If you haven’t already, let it migrate your records
    4. After that completes, go into Breeder toolkit. You will see different ‘cards’
    5. Select card ‘Manage Litters”
    6. You’ll see your litters there, select the one you wish to work on
    7. To the right you should see “Purchase Options” next to the litter. Select that and then select “Purchase Prepay”. It will ask you to pay $23 for each puppy in the litter
    8. The litter should now show “Prepaid”
    9. After you have completed that step, select the plus sign to the left of the litter and each puppy in the litter should be listed
    10. To register the individual puppies, select “Edit Prepaid” next to the puppy to fill in the puppy info and transfer to the new owners.
    11. When you’ve completed a puppy, close the window or tab that you’re in to return to Manage Litters for the next one.


  • Where Are My Coupons? +

    Coupons for litters registered since Oct 1, 2019 will be displayed in the new Breeder Toolkit in your MyAKC account. Breeder and Litter Records are being migrated to Breeder Toolkit to simplify managing your litters. To access your coupons, log into your MyAKC account. Select your name and go to MyAKC. You will see Breeder Toolkit listed there. (if this is your first time, let it migrate your records) Select Breeder Toolkit. From there you will have multiple options for managing your litters. One of the selections will be “Litter Coupons”. Your coupons for each of your 100% litters will be listed there for you to retrieve and it will show you if the coupon has already been redeemed. The LTK coupons do not expire.

    To retrieve your coupons from your account:

    • Log into your MyAKC account
    • Select MyAKC
    • On your MyAKC page select Breeder Toolkit
    • You will see a card for LITTER COUPONS
    • A coupon will be listed for each completed litter

    Coupons will be listed for litters starting with Oct 2019 forward.

  • How To Fill-out The Lease Notification Form +

    Things to remember:

    We need signatures for all bitch owners

    Include *all* individuals as leasees (even owners) if you wish for them to be on record as breeders and/or litter owners. The dates on the lease will determine whether an individual is a breeder, litter owner, or both.

    – to be listed as a breeder the lease dates must start before the breeding dates. Use dates at least one week prior to the actual breeding dates to be safe.

    – to be listed as a litter owner the lease dates must end after the whelping date.

    –  be listed as ONLY a breeder and not required to sign the individual registration applications for placement of the puppies, the start date must be prior to breeding date and the end date must be prior to whelping/due date.

    – be liberal with your start and end dates. The lease only affects the litter, not ownership of the bitch. Our system calculates 63 days from whelping. Give at least a week of cushion prior to the actual breeding dates. Bitches do not always follow the whelping calendar.

    – use an additional signature form for more than two leasees and/or owners. Both the owner and the leasee boxes can be checked if the individual is both.

    To register a leased litter, the application must be sent in to AKC for processing. These are currently not able to be processed online.

  • Using MYAKC Store Credit +

    The Breeder of Merit credit is refreshed into your MyAKC account on the 15th of each month. You have up to $30 per month to use for downloadable reports from the AKC store. That includes reports like research pedigrees, awards reports, top dog reports and progeny reports. The credit is not valid for use to register litters or dogs or ordering any item that needs to be shipped to you. The credit is not cumulative, so unused credit is forfeited.

    When you add a report to your cart and go to check out the credit will be displayed and the price will be deducted from the credit first. If there is a balance after the credit is exhausted you will be asked for a credit card for the remainder.  As you check out, the only times the credit will be displayed is when you first add a report, and then at the final submit. Please ignore the message regarding your items being sent to you. This applies only to items that are printed or shipped from our stock.

    IMPORTANT: When you are finished checking out stay on that page and look at the links in the title bar above the Store window. You should see a link that says “View My Reports”. Select that link and your report will be on the resulting page and available there for 5 days.

  • Sire Approval Link +

    If the sire owner has not received the notification email to approve an online litter, the link below can be used. The link in the notification email is NOT specific to a litter and cannot be retriggered manually. The link in the notification email is the same as the link below:


    The sire owner approval page can be reached by selecting “Register Your Dog” at the top of the page.

    Then select Register a Litter from the menu.

    Then select “Register A Litter”

    Then select “I Only Own the Sire”

    If your dog has sired a litter whelped in Canada, you and ALL co-owners of the sire will be required to sign the sire owner section of the litter application.  Email a copy of the signed litter application and certified pedigree to AKC will verify that the owners of the sire at the time of breeding have all signed the application. The application will be stamped by AKC and it will be sent to CKC with the pedigree.


  • Upcoming Seminars +

    Continuing Breeder Education Series – January 2024

    Webinars sponsored by AKC, AKCCHF, and the Theriogenology Foundation

    • January 17, 2024- Dr. Lily Lewis – TCI Versus Surgical AI:  Does the method really matter?
    • January 24, 2024– Dr. Aime Johnson – Prostate Pearls of Wisdom: How to successfully manage the aging stud dog
    • January 31, 2024- Dr. Robyn Wilborn – The First 48:  How to troubleshoot the first 48 hrs with neonates to ensure success

    Register for Seminar here