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Breeder of Merit recognition and benefits are based on the BOM’s commitment to registering their puppies and health testing the parents. Are you living up to your contract? 

The agreement signed when you applied: 

I hereby apply to participate in the Breeder of Merit Program. I certify by my signature that I have read, understand, and will comply with the requirements of the Breeder of Merit Program, including ensuring all dogs from AKC registered litters produced by me will be registered with AKC. I certify by my signature that all the information appearing on this application is correct, that I am in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC), and that I agree to abide by all AKC rules and regulations. I acknowledge that upon request I will be required to provide the AKC copies of recommended parent club health screenings applicable to the breed(s) for litters produced while enrolled in the Breeder of Merit Program. I agree to maintain membership in an AKC licensed club while participating in the Breeder of Merit Program. 

By signing, I agree to the arbitration clause at the bottom of this page. 

This also applies to co-bred litters. 

Registrations are the foundation of AKC. Registration is important to:

  • Enable participation in events and recording recognition of titles like CGC, Therapy Dog, Trick Dog, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, etc. 
  • Fund programs and services such as Government Relations, research through grants to the Canine Health Foundation, the Inspections department and other programs for the benefit of dogs. 
  • Allows the Breeder of Merit program to provide free services to BOMs like leases, duplicate certificates, Revocation of Limited Status, and recognition programs. 

Tools To Help You Meet Your Registration Goals

 AKC has made available several modes of discount registration to help you register your puppies or catch up past litters. 

  • Breeder EZ-Reg (found under Product & Services, Breeder Services) is an online tool that provides the breeder with the most flexibility. You are required to prepay $20 per unregistered puppy (this excludes puppies already registered or in progress). Registrations can be done on behalf of the new owners or transfers can be done with basic information and allow new owners to complete naming of the puppy and purchase of additional products. If an owner fails to complete the registration, the breeder can edit the transfer and complete it. EZ Reg does not charge late fees, coowner fees, or long name fees, and pedigrees and microchip registrations are further discounted from the price listed on the Individual Dog Registration Applications. 
  • Full Litter Plus (registers litter and puppies at the same time) & Full Litter Offspring Plus (registers the puppies from a registered litter) applications can be used to register whole litters or remaining puppies in a litter. Fees are the same as the online EZ-Reg. Names are required to complete the puppies submitted on these forms. 
  • If you have given out the Individual Registration Applications, we encourage you to follow up with owners to complete their registrations. You can also make use of the Online Litter Record. AKC will use the contact information provided to email or mail reminders to identified owners to register their dog. 
  • AKC will soon be launching a new Breeder Toolkit to make managing your litter information easier.  

If you have questions about your litter statistics, or would like to know more about the registration tools mentioned email or call 800-252-5545 pin 26000 

We will be reaching out to many of you to assist in completing your registrations on older litters over 6 months of age.