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While home from the shows this summer, in-between catching up on paperwork and purging projects, I found myself attending webinars and other learning opportunities online. AKC CHF sponsored continuing education presentations on VetVine offer a variety of topics at different technical levels. Revival Animal Health has a large library of papers and recorded webinars on breeding and other topics. I encourage enquiring minds to browse these free vet and scientist authored resources. The following presentation is regarding research into medical management of pyometria by an AKC CHF sponsored Theriogenology resident.  

Pyometra affects roughly 20% of bitches over the age of ten and has a mortality rate of up to 10%. While ovariohysterectomy (spay) is the best treatment option for dogs that do not have breeding value, multimodal medical management is an option for attempting to preserve the breeding career of a bitch with pyometra. All too often spay is presented as the only treatment option for pyometra, and by improving outcomes associated with medical management we stand to safeguard the reproductive potential of a greater number of bitches in the breeding population.

Antimicrobials are one of the mainstays of medical management for dogs with pyometra. Dr. Karen Von Dollen, a veterinary reproductive specialist, recently spoke with us about her research examining the activity of antibiotics in the uterine fluid environment. The findings of this work bring us one step closer to better understanding the efficacy of antibiotics in treating pyometra, and provide insight to antibiotic selection considerations in the clinical setting.

We’re happy to announce that the video presentation onManagement and Antibiotic Considerations in Canine Pyometra - presented by Dr. Karen Von Dollen and brought to you by the AKC Canine Health Foundation –has been released and is now available for viewing On Demand (running time: 36 mins).  

We hope you enjoy this presentation and find the information helpful. 

– Rocco
VetVine CE  

This presentation will provide an overview of pyometra in the bitch, as well as discuss recent research.  Medical management, including appropriate case selection, will be highlighted. It is the intent for the audience to learn how to diagnose and approach canine pyometra, gain an understanding for the behavior of bacteria in the uterus, and principles underlying medical management.  

Original publication date: September 15, 2020  
Speaker: Karen Von Dollen, MS, DVM, DACT 


Learn more about Dr. Von Dollen’s CHF-funded research:
2016 American Kennel Club/AKC Canine Health Foundation/Theriogenology Foundation Small Animal Theriogenology Resident – North Carolina State University