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Barbet head portrait.


Learn about Barbets

Basenji standing in the grass.Basenji

Learn about Basenjis

Basset Hound sitting on a park bench.

Basset Hound

Learn about Basset Hounds

Beagles playing fetch.


Learn about Beagles

Bearded Collies sitting outdoors.

Bearded Collie

Learn about Bearded Collies

Beauceron laying down in the forest.


Learn about Beaucerons

Bedlington Terrier head portrait outdoors.

Bedlington Terrier

Learn about Bedlington Terriers

Belgian Laekenois standing in a field.

Belgian Laekenois

Learn about Belgian Laekenois

  • Rescue Organizations +

    Rescue Coordinator: Lana Teresi
    10125 E Woodbridge Rd
    Acampa, CA 95220
    Phone: 209-369-7237

Belgian Malinois running in a field.

Belgian Malinois

Learn about Belgian Malinois

Belgian Sheepdog standing in a field.

Belgian Sheepdog

Learn about Belgian Sheepdogs

Belgian Tervuren standing in a field.

Belgian Tervuren

Learn about Belgian Tervuren

Bergamasco Sheepdog laying down outdoors.Bergamasco

Learn about Bergamascos

Two Berger Picards sitting in a pasture.

Berger Picard

Learn about Berger Picards

Bernese Mountain Dog laying outdoors in a field.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Learn about Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bichon Frise standing outdoors in the sunlight.

Bichon Frise

Learn about Bichon Frise

Biewer Terrier head portrait outdoors.Biewer Terrier

Learn about the Biewer Terrier

Black and Tan Coonhound head portrait outdoors.Black and Tan Coonhound

Learn about Black and Tan Coonhounds

Black Russian Terrier head portrait outdoors.

Black Russian Terrier

Learn about Black Russian Terriers

Bloodhound head portrait outdoors.


Learn about Bloodhounds

Bluetick Coonhound standing in the woods in the fall.

Bluetick Coonhound

Learn about Bluetick Coonhounsd

Boerboel standing in a field.


Learn about Boerboels

  • Rescue Organizations +

    No rescue contact yet

Border Collie lying on a sidewalk outdoors.

Border Collie

Learn about Border Collies

Border Terrier head portrait outdoors.

Border Terrier

Learn about Border Terriers

Borzoi running and playing in the yard.


Learn about Borzoi

Boston Terrier head portrait outdoors.

Boston Terrier

Learn about Boston Terriers

Bouvier des Flandres standing atop a hill.

Bouvier des Flandres

Learn about Bouvier des Flandres

Boxer standing outdoors in the winter.


Learn about Boxers

Boykin Spaniel running through the grass with a ball.

Boykin Spaniel

Learn about Boykin Spaniels

Briard running in a grassy field.


Learn about Briards

Brittany head portrait in profile outdoors.


Learn about Brittanys

Brussels Griffons sitting on a bench side by side outdoors.

Brussels Griffon

Learn about Brussels Griffons

Bulldogs running outdoors.


Learn about Bulldogs

Bullmastiff standing in the grass.


Learn about Bullmastiffs

Bull Terrier laying in the grass.

Bull Terrier

Learn about Bull Terriers


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