Hamburg All Breed Obedience Club Hosts First Herding Event
  by Karla Diethorn

Hamburg All Breed Obedience Club held their first AKC Herding event at Kim Will's Farm in Eden, New York on June 17 and 18.

This is the kind of event that I always find enjoyable.  The club members who took responsibility as committee members often did not own herding dogs but were active in Rally, Agility and other companion animal venues.  The Trial Chairwoman, Norma Dikeman does own Rottweilers and she does do herding with them as well as Rally and obedience.  It is a treat to see club members supporting their fellow members with such an event. 

The Saturday trial and test classes were judged by Ann Ely.  She had a variety of breeds including; Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Belgian Tervurens, Rough Collies and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 

In the A course, Advanced Sheep class first place went to the Border Collie, Way To Me Rhys, HXAs, HIBs, CD owned by Terri Clingerman.  Second place was the German Shepherd, Karma's More Is Better, RN, CD, PTd, HXAs owned by Kelly Malone.  In the started class it was a rescue dog, the Border Collie, Taj, owned by Michael Heasley who took first place.  On Sunday he again earned a first under judge Sharon Anderson and went on to win High In Trial on Sunday.

As I sat down to watch the test classes in the far arena, I heard baby birds chirping in the big beech tree in the arena.  I searched the tree and finally found a hanging nest high up in the tree.  As I watched a bright orange and black, Baltimore Oriole flew in to feed the babies throughout the test classes. 

In Pre-Trial sheep Ch. Margrave Fasteful Trip, a Rottweiler owned by Mary MacCollum qualified both days to get her PT title.

In Herding Tested Junior Handler Kate Eldridge handled her Belgian Tervuren, CH Chateau Blanc I'm Coyote Trouble, RN earthed her HT.  Rottweiler, Lakina's Brinin Down D'Haus, HIC, CGC owned by MJ Kushwara also earned his HT title.  And Rough Collie Windhaven Wink Of An Eye became an HT dog as well.

On Saturday in the A course Intermediate Duck class, Dolly Wright completed the Herding Intermediate A duck title (HIAd) on her Rough Collie, CH Millnock's Sring Fever HSAs, HSBd, CD, NA, NAJ, RN while taking first in that class.

High In Trial on Saturday was the German Shepherd, Karma's More is Better from the started duck class.  Reserve High In Trial  was the Border Collie, Way To Me Rhys, HXAs, HIBs, CD owned by Terri Clingerman. 

Sunday found Rottweiler, Nordike Covert Operation, HT owned by Norma Dikeman and handled by Jean Barrett finishing his HSAs (Herding Started A course sheep) title.

High In Trial on Sunday went to Michael Heasley's Border Collie, Taj and Reserve High In Trial and High Combined Border Collie, went to Terri Clingerman's Way To Me Rhys, HXAs, HIBs, CD. 

Kim Will's farm is a lovely site with lots of shade and plenty of water available for the dogs, including two ponds.  And Kim and her daughters provided the delicious food for the event with all proceeds going to the Girl Scout Troop that Kim leads.  So be sure to attend the next Hamburg All Breed Obedience Club's Herding Trial and support the club as well as the local Girl Scout Troop!  And if you are lucky, you will get to see the Baltimore oriole family that graced the arena this trial. 

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