AKC Officers and Board of Directors



AKC Officers are responsible for the day-to-day operations and carrying out the rules, regulations, policies and decisions as directed by the Board and/or delegate body.

Dennis B. Sprung
President and Chief Executive Officer

James P. Crowley
Executive Secretary

Joseph V. Baffuto, Jr.
Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Left: Ronald Menaker -- Chairman
Right: Carl C. Ashby, III -- Vice Chairman

Class of 2017

  • Lee Arnold, lxa@akc.org - Delegate, Southern Colorado Kennel Club
  • Carl C. Ashby, III, cca@akc.org - Delegate, United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club
  • Alan Kalter, atk@akc.org - Delegate, American Bullmastiff Association
  • Harvey Wooding, hmw@akc.org - Delegate, Westminster Kennel Club

Class of 2018

  • James Dok, jrd@akc.org - Delegate, Gig Harbor Kennel Club
  • Dr. Charles Garvin, jcg@akc.org - Delegate, Dalmatian Club of America
  • Ronald Menaker, rhm@akc.org - Delegate, Memphis Kennel Club

Class of 2019

  • Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, clb@akc.org - Delegate, German Shepherd Dog Club of America
  • Dr. Thomas M. Davies, tmd@akc.org - Delegate, Springfield Kennel Club
  • Steven D. Gladstone, Esq., sdg@akc.org - Delegate, Waterloo Kennel Club

Class of 2020

  • Patricia M. Cruz, Delegate, Heart of the Plains Kennel Club.
  • William J. Feeney, Delegate, Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club, Inc.
  • Karolynne M. McAteer, Delegate, Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.

Ex Officio

Dennis B. Sprung, dbs@akc.org

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