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NEW! We are pleased to announce the development of AKC FIT DOG Clubs!

September 2018, AKC launched the AKC FIT DOG program where dog owners who walk a specified distance with their dogs can receive a free AKC FIT DOG car magnet. It has been a great success and now the program has expanded to recognize AKC FIT DOG Clubs! These are local groups which meet and accomplish certain fitness goals together with their dogs.

Groups that may be approved as AKC FIT DOG clubs include: AKC clubs, independent dog training schools, and other dog related clubs and organizations.

To promote health and fitness for dogs and their owners, AKC FIT DOG clubs will:

  1. Conduct at least 4 group fitness walks per year, or
  2. Conduct regularly scheduled canine fitness/conditioning classes.

In the fitness walks and classes, dogs and owners may participate at their own individual skill level.

Groups that are approved as AKC FIT DOG clubs will receive a free banner with the AKC logo and the club’s name.

To become an AKC FIT DOG club, complete the online FIT DOG Club Application.

Please send any inquiries about the program to: